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St Mark's Square


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St. Mark's Square is the most famous and magnificent square of Venice. Located in the district of St. Mark's, is probably the most visited attraction in the city, and one of the most popular places in Italy.
Around the square are some of the most important buildings in Venice: the St. Mark's Basilica, which owes its name to the square; the Doge's Palace, the former residence of the Doge; the imposing St. Mark's Campanile, the National Library of St Mark's and the Correr Museum.
St. Mark's Square is the inevitable crossroads of all the tourists coming to Venice, as well as one of the most iconic landmark of the city, perpetually inhabited by pigeons; it is also one of those places where you can see and experience firsthand the phenomenon of high-water (a larger inflow of water into the Venetian Lagoon).
Under the portico that surrounds St. Mark's Square lie some nice Cafés and exclusive restaurants, and that is why the square is so lively at any time of the day or night.