Tours on Wheels in Venice

Tours on wheels


Tours on wheels in Venice

The cars and buses, as well as many other means of transport are not allowed in the historic centre of Venice. The poor accessibility is due mainly to the unique urban structure of the city, made up of 118 little islands intersected by 150 canals and linked by 400 bridges.
Nevertheless, for those who want to explore the beautiful surroundings of Venice there are several tours on wheels that no visitor should miss. Many tourists are unaware of the fact that around Venice there are many beautiful cities and places of historic and natural interest...
Verona, for example, is not just the city of Shakespeare's masterpiece "Romeo and Juliet", but it is also a charming place that offers plenty of things to do and see: from the ruins of the ancient Roman empire (including a well-preserved amphitheater) to medieval castles, from historic churches to the beautiful squares... A great city to be visited with a tour by bike - for the sporty ones - or perhaps with a tour by Vespa Scooter - for those who want to enjoy the journey with total comfort and tranquility.
Also, for those who want to spend a day (or even just half a day) immersed in the nature, we recommend a bike tour of the Valpolicella: an area characterized by beautiful green hills and valleys dotted with small villages. With this type of tour you will not only have the opportunity to admire its breathtaking landscape, but you can also taste the renowned local wines

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