Something Different in Venice

Something different


Something different in Venice

If you're looking for some intriguing activities outside the ordinary, to do during your vacation in Venice, then you're in the right place. Exit from the classic tourist route, and explore the wonders of Venice from a unique point of view.
Your holiday in Venice would not be complete without a spectacular boat tour, to travel along the Grand Canal (the largest canal in Venice), which will give you the opportunity to admire the beautiful historic buildings lined along it. Furthermore, if you wish to breathe the magic atmosphere of Venice there is nothing better than a gondola ride to cross even the most narrow and picturesque canals, discovering hidden corners of this wonderful city. (Also available with a serenade!)
But Venice is also one of the most important cities in Italy in terms of theatrical and musical performances, and so, to enrich your holiday you can’t miss the chance to enjoy an opera or a concert of classical music within a church or a historic building, both in central Venice