Guided Tour of a Murano Glass Factory, with Artisan Workshop

Guided Tour of a Murano Glass Factory, with Artisan Workshop

2 h
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Wheelchair Not Accessible

Special visit and workshop in a Glass Factory in Murano

Visit a real glass-making factory on Murano Island with this guided tour. Discover a less well-known side to Venice as you are taken away from the hustle and bustle of the centre towards the city's hidden treasures. End the tour with a private glass-making demonstration and shop local products!

Guided Excursion of a Murano Glass Factory, with Artisan Workshop highlights: 

  • Admire the center of Venice, with its monuments and romantic atmosphere
  • Discover the island of Murano, famous all over the world for the glass manifacture
  • Visit one of the oldest glassworks in Murano, and learn the ancient art of glass blowing
  • Choose one of the workshops available: the one about "mosaic" or the one about "jewelery"
  • Learn the tecniques from an expert artisan in the construction of your unique artwork

Guided Excursion of a Murano Glass Factory, with Artisan Workshop

After exploring the delights of Venice city centre, we invite you to make your way to the Murano Island. This group of islands was once an independent commune, but now falls under the control of Venice. Wander through what we describe as hidden Venice, removed from much of the hustle and bustle found in the centre, and pay a visit to a real glass-making factory.

Visit a glass-making factory on Murano Island and see local artisans creating glass products

Here, you will be treated to a private demonstration given by an expert glass master, skilled in modelling glass using blowing and sculptural techniques. Learn about the glass tradition during your workshop visit and choose the ideal gift to take back home from their selection of mosaic and glass bead jewellery. Murano glasswork has a reputation the world over for its quality and beauty, its glassmakers formed part of the most illustrious members of Venetian society.
Discover the Murano glass tradition by watching local masters plying their trade and sharing the secrets of glassmaking. Enjoy a private demonstration in the presence of local masters and craftsmen.
Departure is from Venice city centre with your tour assistant who will be on hand to provide you with fascinating facts and history as you wander off the beaten track for around 15 minutes through hidden streets before reaching the Murano Island by public transportation.

Take part in a private workshop and shop directly at the factory

See first-hand how products are made at the glass factory and attend a private performance given by an expert glass master in which you will be treated to a demonstration of the famous blowing and sculpture glassmaking techniques.
Afterwards, put your own skills to the test and take part in one of the available workshop so that you can make your own object from Murano glass. Whichever type of activity you decide upon, you will be given the chance to work with a local craftsman and make your personalised glass item.

Choose your favorite workshop and create a work of art

You will have the opportunity to attend a private workshop, guided by the experience of the local master-glassmakers, choosing between the mosaic technique or the jewelery technique.
The mosaic is one of the oldest techniques - just think of the ones in the Saint Mark's Basilica; during this workshop, with clamps, glue and other tools, you will create your own composition in mosaic, using different multicolored elements (called murrine).
As for the jewelery workshop, you will have a great assortment of glass beads of various shapes and colors: assembling pearls and other accessories you can create your own bracelet, key ring, pair of earrings or favorite accessory.
Whatever type of workshop you choose, you'll have the satisfaction of returning home bringing with you a little work of art, made with your own hands.

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