Boat Tour on the Grand Canal to discover secret Venice

Boat Tour on the Grand Canal to discover secret Venice

2 h
Something different
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

2-hour boat tour on the Grand Canal and secret Venice

This two hour boat tour in Venice will show you the city's main attractions as well as the lesser-known and tourism-friendly spots for a full city mini tour!

Boat Tour on the Grand Canal exploring hidden Venice highlights: 

  • Take a two hour boat tour in Venice
  • Visit the less known neighborhoods of this magic city
  • Navigate on the Grand Canal
  • Listen to your guide while on the Channels of Cannaregio
  • Admire the artisans who produce the gondolas

Boat Tour on the Grand Canal exploring hidden Venice

A two hour boat tour to admire Venice and its beauties from an unusual and different perspective: from the water! In just two hours you will be able to grasp the whole essence of this beautiful city.

The Grand Canal

A two-hour boat tour is the best way to get to know Venice and its beauties, on a boat you can sail on the canals, and particularly on the Grand Canal, the city's main channel, to discover all the charm of this amazing and unique city. Not only the center of Venice, in fact, but also the less known and more typical neighborhoods, the so-called "sestieri". You will start from the Grand Canal with its quiet running and then continue with the smaller canals that will take you directly to the heart of Venice. A day like this is ideal for those who visit the city for the first time, but also for those who have already visited it other times but have not seen it from the water or even in its less touristy neighborhoods.

Venice and its beauties

During this two-hour boat tour, you will be able to explore the impressive Cathedral Church of Venice located in the Castello district, and then go to the majestic "Porta dell'Acqua" that will allow you to access the Venice Arsenal: the ancient area where the yard and the city's deposits were located. Venice, in fact, has always been a city dedicated to the trade and transit of goods and merchants who stored their products here or made them leave for other destinations. Your guide will tell you what the most important and famous figures of the period are and what the city traded. The two-hour tour will continue with a stretch of navigation off the lagoon, you will pass next to the famous Murano Island, famous for glass production, and for St. Michael, the cemetery island, and if the day is clear, you can even admire the Dolomites that stand on the horizon.

Less known neighborhoods

The last stop of your two-hour boat tour will bring you to the lesser-known and famous side of Venice, away from the big crowds. You will see the Cannaregio district and you will arrive through small and delightful canals that will give you unforgettable views. Once you arrive in the Jewish Ghetto neighborhood you will take a break of 15/20 minutes to admire its beauty and take few photos of the place. The last two neighborhoods you visit will be the ones of Santa Croce and Dorsoduro and here you will stay in a workshop where craftspeople still carry traditional Venetian gondolas. Throughout the day your guide will provide you with lots of stories and detailed information on what you will see: with this two-hour tour of palaces, churches, gardens, bridges and warehouses, Venice will no longer have secrets for you.

Other boat tours in Venice

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