Unconventional tour in Venice: how to write a travel diary

Unconventional tour in Venice: how to write a travel diary

2 h
min 30
Something different
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

How to write a travel notebook of Venice

Learn how to compose a travel note to keep with you at all times, and transfer all that is worth recording of your trip. With this unusual tour of Venice, you can eXPerience emotions to be recorded and relived when you want, with the company of a special tour leader.

Visit Venice off the beaten track highlights: 

  • Discover an alternative Venice with an unusual guided tour
  • Learn how to write a Venetian travel notebook with a special tour leader
  • Visit the Jewish ghetto in the heart of the Venetian lagoon
  • Cross the Cannaregio district with its poetry and liveliness
  • Enjoy the "uncontaminated" Venice, far from mass tourism

Visit Venice off the beaten track

Learn how to write a travel diary. Far from mass tourism, eXPerience a unique tour to discover Venice, you can stimulate creativity and build a precious memory of the impressive excursion that you will appreciate in Venice.

Starting from San Geremia Church

Meeting with your special tour leader, a Venetian architect, a lagoon city expert. She will present how to write the perfect Venetian travel diary in San Geremia Church on the stairs of the Church. The first stop of the tour is in the heart of the "Ghetto", immersed in the local life of the Jewish community. Cross the Cannaregio Canal, pass the famous Ponte delle Guglie and here is the Jewish Ghetto where the Jews were forced to reside in the period of the Republic of Venice. Nowadays, it is one of the most authentic areas of Venice, where locals live. 

Discover the Cannaregio Canal

While composing your diary and freeing up your emotions, you'll eXPerience the wonderful history of Venice. Passing through the three great characteristic canals of Cannaregio, you will see many boats moored along the vast foundations and simple houses, as well as some large solitary buildings: an enchanted and silent scenario. Enjoy the silence, the gurgling of the canal passing by some boats but no gondolas with tourists, no chaos: the areas of Cannaregio is unusual and poetic.

Join a gondola ride and a local aperitif

When in Venice, of course you cannot miss a gondola ride and observe the city of Venice from a different point of view along the famous Grand Canal. With this unusual tour in Venice you will have the possibility to join a local aperitif in an ancient "bacaro" with snacks from the local tradition and, inevitable, a spritz to sip while you review your travel diary in un exclusive, unconventional but extraordinary Venice.

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