Lyric Opera concert in a Historical Palace in the Centre of Venice

Lyric Opera concert in a Historical Palace in the Centre of Venice

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A Lyric Opera in a Historical Palace in the Centre of Venice

Experience the charm of the Italian opera: in a 15th century beautiful Venetian palace, you will enjoy a multi-award-winning musical ensemble performing some of the most famous musical masterpieces. A sublime eXPerience in a unique location that will make unforgettable your holiday in Venice.

Lyric Opera presentation in a Historical Palace in the Centre of Venice highlights: 

  • A unique opportunity to live an unforgettable eXPerience: the opera in Venice
  • DIscover the Barbarigo Minotto Palace, a location with a magical atmosphere
  • Enjoy an opera performed by an excellent musical ensemble
  • Take this opportunity to make your trip to Venice unforgettable
  • Join an exclusive eXPerience

Lyric Opera presentation in a Historical Palace in the Centre of Venice

With this amazing activity you will live a unique eXPerience that will enormously enrich your stay in Venice: in a historic building in the center of Venice, the Barbarigo Minotto Palace, listen to an amazing opera, performed by a multi-award-winning musical ensemble. This is by far one of the best things you can do to make your holiday in Venice unforgettable!

Breathe the charm of the opera in a unique location in Venice

If you are looking for something special to do during your vacation in Venice, this is the ideal eXPerience for you! Not only you will see an opera, but you will also discover a beautiful hidden corner of Venice: the Barberigo Minotto Palace, a historic 18th century building where the performance will take place.
The elegant building, overlooking the Grand Canal, boasts sumptuous interior richly decorated with frescoed by artists such as Giambattista Tiepolo, master of Venetian painting.

Listen to an opera performed by a great musical ensemble

The opera will witness which will be performed by a multi-award-winning ensemble and renowned musicians, who have performed in some of the most famous theaters in the world.
The main characteristic of the performance is its itinerant nature: the show will move from a room to another room, with the furniture and baroque frescoes in the background. This original direction is focused on breaking down the distance between artists and audience: a unique eXPerience that will take your breath away.

A unique experience to enjoy an opera in Venice

Breathe the charm of this unique eXPerience and enrich your holiday in Venice. The proposed operas are accessible to all, even to newcomers to the genre, and thanks to the skill of the performers and the original director everyone will be amazed by this opera.
Choose this activity if you are looking for something different and if you would like to return home with some unforgettable memories of Venice!

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Reviews of Lyric Opera concert in a Historical Palace in the Centre of Venice

Reviewed by An ItalyXP customer from

Interactive opera in a gorgeous setting

Ive been before but when my mum said she wanted to go to venice i new this was something she must experience ! The Barber of Seville was amazing & so funny ! It was my 16yr old brothers first time watching the opera & he absolutely loved it. It was a brilliant introduction to opera & would highly recommend it for all ! Thankyou for such a memorable evening !!!!
Reviewed by An ItalyXP customer from

The 3 singers were wonderful and the setting was pretty.

It was a unique experience in a lovely villa. I wish it could have been a smaller group so we could see better. I do wish I could have paid less like my 3 friends did.
Reviewed by Jayne018 from United Kingdom

Wonderful way to see affordable opera in Venice!

Loved this so much went twice (card allows you as many visits as you want in 12 month period and theres 3 different shows a week) Shortened opera ideal for those new to it or for children.
Reviewed by Anastasia F. from United States

Amazing Performance

Although the venue was a little out of the way, it was a beautiful palace and well-suited to the performance we saw. The actors ran the whole thing, welcoming us into the performance and instructing us which room to move to as the opera progressed. The performance itself was absolutely hilarious and brilliant as a first opera.