Venetian Mask Making Experience workshop with a historic atelier

Venetian Mask Making Experience workshop with a historic atelier

2 h
Something different
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Mask making workshop to make venetian mask in Venice

Let your creativity run wild at a Venetian Mask workshop. This fun experience in Venice will see you learn how to make and decorate your very own Venetian mask with a historic atelier in one of the world’s most Romantic cities!

Two hours private workshop to create original Venetian Mask highlights: 

  • Spend two hours with an atelier in the city of canals making your own Venetian Mask
  • Become a “mascarer” with the help of a master mask craftsman
  • Turn simple papier mâché into a work of art
  • Decorate your masterpiece with Swarovski crystals, gold leaf, and feathers
  • Take home your very own creation – an unforgettable souvenir

Two hours private workshop to create original Venetian Mask

So, you’ve been in Venice during Carnival and have seen everyone dressed to the hilt in intricate clothing and mysterious masks? Or perhaps you just want to be the centre of attention at the next masked ball you visit. Well, this Venetian Mask workshop is the perfect place to hone your craft and take home an unforgettable and beautiful souvenir!

Make your own mask at this Venetian Mask Workshop

Guided by an expert atelier, you’ll spend two hours in a shop creating your very own Venetian mask which will surely rival those featured in famous movies like Phantom of the Opera, Romeo and Juliet, and Eyes Wide Shut! Learn to cut and shape the paper in ancient stone moulds to get the perfect shape for your very own souvenir mask!

Enjoy the magic of a Venetian Mask created by your own hand

With the steady hand of a master craftsman helping you create your own beautiful souvenir at this Venetian Mask Workshop, you can hardly go wrong. Not only will you get the perfect shape for your mask, but you’ll also have plenty to decorate it with and tailor it to your own style. Want to be the belle of the ball? Then a few Swarovski Crystals should do the trick! Want to look natural yet stay classy? Perhaps some gold leaf would be better suited to you. Going for a bit of camp novelty? Some feathers sound like just the ticket!

Take home your hand made Venetian Mask for an unforgettable souvenir

Of course, you’re not just spending 2 hours in a Venetian mask workshop for the master craftsman to put it up for sale to the hordes of tourists that come through! Save some space in your suitcase as your mask will be making the journey home with you. Don’t miss this truly special and unforgettable experience in Italy’s Canal City, the unique Venice. Book your Venetian Mask workshop experience today!

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