Shared Gondola Serenade on the Grand Canal of Venice

Shared Gondola Serenade on the Grand Canal of Venice

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This was by far a once in a lifetime experience!

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Romantic gondola Serenade on the Grand Canal of Venice

Discover the true romantic side of Venice with a unique gondola serenade in this amazing destination. Take a gondola ride through the canals of Venice and enjoy local musicians serenade you the most romantic songs of Italy, while exploring the charming canals.

Special Gondola Serenade on the Grand Canal of Venice highlights: 

  • Cruise the canals of Venice with a charming gondola ride
  • Unique eXPerience in Venice, a serenade on water
  • The most romantic eXPerience of Venice
  • Have local musicians from Venice sing the romance of Italy
  • Discover the mysterious canals of Venice and their treasures

Special Gondola Serenade on the Grand Canal of Venice

There are a few romantic destinations in the world, but Venice is just one, considered as the most enchanting and unique cities in the world, a symphony built on water and hidden behind its carnival masks and glass jewelry. Many people in love come to Venice each year to celebrate their feeling and feel the authentic atmosphere of this amazing destination. Among the most pleasant things to do in Venice, a gondola ride is definitely at the top in the preferences of tourists.

Discover Venice aboard a typical gondola

What could be more romantic than cruising the canals of Venice? A complete eXPerience should also include a serenade and the exploration of unknown places of the city, admiring beautiful landmarks and mysterious treasures.
Whether you want to celebrate love or simply find it, a gondola serenade eXPerience in Venice is worth anything. During this amazing activity in Venice, you will be surrounded by culture and have the exciting sound background of romantic Italian songs.

Experience the charming atmosphere of a romantic serenade

Local musicians on another gondola will accompany your gondola tour and provide an exciting atmosphere, enriching the experience of visiting Venice. Imagine cruising along the canals with your loved one, discovering small canals where you can practically touch the century old palaces and mansions, admiring the beautiful city as never before.
The best way to enjoy the magic of Venice is to walk across the waterways! The Grand Canal is the main canal of Venice, long more than three miles. It consists in the major water-traffic in the city and its route bisects the historic centre of Venice.

The best tour to live Venice as a romantic destination

This is not your usual gondola ride of Venice, as we have designed an extremely pleasant and romantic activity, filled with the charm and elegance of Venice. While this is not a private tour, the company will surely make everything that more festive and entertaining.
Developed in the 9th century, the Grand Canal has been for centuries the centre of commercial life in the city. Along the trail are still visible today the "fondaco" houses, typical buildings combining the warehouse and the merchant's residence, used to allow the docking of boats.

Other eXPeriences in Venice

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Reviews of Shared Gondola Serenade on the Grand Canal of Venice

Reviewed by lindupep from Canada

Wow the soul of Venice. Worth every Euro

This was by far a once in a lifetime experience. Best money we spent in Venice. Yes, it was expensive but worth every euro. We were serenaded for 35-40 minutes with several operatic songs and acoustic guitar solos. A smooth and comfortable ride thanks to our seasoned gondolier. They made us feel so comfortable and to us were the sole of Venice.