Group Tour of St. Marks Sestiere in Venice, with Gondola Ride

Group Tour of St. Mark's Sestiere in Venice, with Gondola Ride

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It was a great experience and we're so glad we decided to do it!

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Guided Visit to the St. Mark's Sestiere in Venice, with Gondola Ride

Unravel the true magnificence and fabulous atmosphere of Venice with a tour of the St. Mark's Sestiere, in the centre of the city. This Venice experience will reveal all its hidden charm and elegant glamour, with visit to some unknown treasures and a gondola ride on Grand Canal!

Group Trip of St. Mark's Sestiere in Venice, with Gondola Ride highlights: 

  • The ultimate complete tour in St. Mark's Sestiere in Venice, with Gondola Ride unforgettable eXPerience
  • Discover the famous sights of Venice, but also the unknown treasures
  • Learn about the past and present of this world wonder
  • Admire the beautiful architectural masterpieces and learn their stories
  • Have a charming gondola ride on the Grand Canal in Venice

Group Trip of St. Mark's Sestiere in Venice, with Gondola Ride

Join this most complete and fascinating experience in Venice, a walking tour of the St. Mark's Sestiere that will leave you forever in love. This activity has been designed to give visitors hidden insights into the past and present of one of the world's marvels.

Visit the St. Mark's Sestiere, in the heart of Venice

Combining the most famous landmarks of Venice, but also the lesser known treasures and legends, this tour of the St. Mark's Sestiere is the perfect way to get the most out of your visit. Your professional and local guides will guide you through centuries of wealth and fame, through history and architecture, revealing the true charm and magnificence of Venice, but also the dangers it faces today.
This is a complete tour of Venice, combining a two hour guided walking tour with an enjoyable gondola ride, giving you the full overview of the St. Mark's Sesitere.

Discover the centre of Venice with this group tour

The tour will follow an unforgettable itinerary, beginning with unknown treasures, like the La Fenice opera house which burned down but today has been rebuilt to its former look, or the exceptional Bovolo spiral staircase hidden in a backyard.
As you explore the city, you will get to see Venice like never before, with insights and visits that not many know about. You will get to discover some of the best attractions in Venice. Among the magnificent places that your guides will lead you to, they will also share amazing stories about the city and its past, the architectural marvels it offers and many more.

Cruise the Grand Canal aboard a typical gondola

At the end of this fascinating tour of St. Mark's Sestiere in Venice, you will also have the chance to go on a magical gondola ride, discovering the other side of the city, from the water. A symbol of Venice for centuries, once a privilege for the wealthy and famous, the gondolas are part of the spirit of the city.
You will glide through the Grand Canal and other waterways, admiring the exquisite palaces and the skill of the gondoliers. This is truly the ultimate travel experience in Venice.

Other eXPeriences in Venice

Join the Small Group Tour in St. Mark's Basilica after hours and the Group Tour of the amazing Doge's Palace in the heart of Venice.

Reviews of Group Tour of St. Mark's Sestiere in Venice, with Gondola Ride

Reviewed by lovelylizzy54 from France

Overview of Venice Tour

We were exceedingly pleased with the Overview of Venice Tour. The tour lady (sadly I forget her name) was excellent. Such a lot of information and hopefully I will be able to remember a lot of it. She definitely deserves a gold star! We ended the tour with a gondala ride.Perfect as it coincided with our wedding anniversary. I would definitely recommend this tour.
Reviewed by JJFULTON63 from United States

Venice Walks & Tours - Gondola Ride

No matter what anyone tells you, take a gondola ride in Venice. I was told it's touristy, the water smells, it's crowded etc. We went in busy month of August and it was great. For 40 minutes we glided through the canal, and even into smaller side canals. Our gondolier was wonderful and even sang to us when we asked (another thing we were told they wouldn't do). There were other boats and gondolas on the tour, but there was plenty of room. We saw the beautiful buildings from the perspective of the water, which was great. I only wish it had been a longer ride. I will go back to Venice and I will take gondola rides again!!
Reviewed by Taranjit from Canada

Venice Walking Tour and Gondola Ride was great!

We had just one day in Venice and decided to do the walking tour and gondola ride. It was a great experience and we're so glad we decided to do it. We saw and learned more than we ever could have on our own!
Reviewed by Paul R from United Kingdom

Wonderful Gondola experience

Something you can not afford to miss is a super Gondola ride around the canals of Venice. We took a ride from the Grand Canal near the station. We were given a price at the start and had a very well informed trip and commentary all the local attraction and history. You also see Venice from a viewpoint that most only see from the bridges and pathways. An excellent attraction