Private Tour around the best of Saint Marks Sestiere in Venice

Private Tour around the best of Saint Mark's Sestiere in Venice

2 h
Walking Tours
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Private walking excursion around St. Mark's Area in Venice

Take a chance to eXPerience the unseen and romantic charm of Venice. Join this 2-hour private walking tour of Venice and discover the lesser known attractions of the city. Explore the less traveled streets of Venice and fall in love with this charming destination.

Private guided walking visit of St. Mark's Sestiere in Venice highlights: 

  • 2-hour Private walking tour of St. Mark's Sestiere in Venice a unique overview eXPerience
  • Discover the less visited attractions of Venice
  • Visit and admire the La Fenice Opera, Palazzo Fortuny or Bovolo Staircase
  • Discover new sights and new views of the famous landmarks of Venice
  • Discover St. Mark's Sestriere with this private tour

Private guided walking visit of St. Mark's Sestiere in Venice

This 2-hour Private Walking Tour of St. Mark's Sestiere in Venice is definitely one of the greatest travel experiences in a lifetime, an experience that should be checked by everyone. One of the most unique and original cities in the world, Venice has been mesmerizing visitors for centuries, with its charming canals and palaces.

Discover the hidden side of Venice

There are many tours in Venice and there are also millions of tourists who visit Venice each year. If you have visited the main attractions of Venice or simply want to see the secret face of the city, join the perfect activity in Venice for you. This 2-hour private walking tour in St. Mark’s Sestriere of Venice tour will take you to the less traveled pars of the city, discovering the mysteries and legends.

Two hours long insight into the history of Venice

The exquisite Venice experience will last for about two hours, time for you to admire the canals and narrow alleys, discovering some of the lesser known wonders of the city. You will also learn more about the history of Venice, how it became one of the most famous cities through commerce and how it was built. You will also discover hidden secrets of Venice, what perils it faces and what famous people linked their names to the city. Your professional guide will take you away from the regular tourist path, exploring the less crowded, but equally fascinating, parts of Venice. 

Don’t miss any of Venice’s landmarks

You will get to visit and admire several of the lesser-known attractions of Venice, like the La Fenice opera house that has been rebuilt after a big fire, the Palazzo Fortuny that was once known as the Palace of the Orpheans, the house of Marco Polo, the intricate Bovolo staircase, hidden in a courtyard and many other marvels. You will admire new views of the Rialto Bridge and other highlights of Venice. This two hours guided overview tour of Venice will leave you knowing more and feeling more in love with Venice and its fascinating stories.

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