Day trip to Florence from Venice by High Speed Train

Day trip to Florence from Venice by High Speed Train

13 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Day tour of Florence, departing from Venice by train on your own

Florence is the ideal destination for relishing an authentic Italian vacation. Being an important symbol of the Renaissance, it is highly appreciated for its incredible architecture as well as the fantastic art pieces you may find either inside or outside museums.

Full Day excursion to Florence from Venice by High Speed Train highlights: 

  • Stroll through the historic, narrow streets of Florence
  • Marvel at the splendid, incomparable Piazza Della Signora, which has been an important political and cultural spot throughout the centuries
  • Appreciate the art treasures you’ll find as you walk in the city – a range of panoramas can be conveyed as mere artistic masterpieces
  • Enjoy some delicious, seasonal dishes at one of the many restaurants in Florence
  • Plan a walk along Arno River, which is the ideal spot for observing beautiful architectural details, river gazing and watching people from a distance

Full Day excursion to Florence from Venice by High Speed Train

Begin your Italian escape by opting for this day trip from Venice. That is your ideal pick if you're short on time, but you still want to grasp the vibe of this charming city. A roundtrip train ticket from/to Venice is included. Start exploring!

Begin Your Highly-Awaited Italian Escape in Florence

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity of visiting Florence’s city center, which encompasses a mixture of architectural treasures that are highly cherished. Plus, visiting the Uffizi Gallery is recommended, as it is one of the top highly recognized museums in Italy, and Europe as well.
The Gallery will unveil a myriad of stunning artworks that reveal Italy’s cultural history.  You can even opt for an Uffizi Gallery guided tour (optional), which, by all means, shouldn’t be missed! Or you might choose a Guided Walking Tour of Florence! Just compose your day according your tastes and preferences!

Allow Yourself to Admire Florence

Once you get to Florence, you just need to allow yourself some time to marvel at the beauty of the city. After all, no wonder that it draws millions of tourists from all over the world yearly. Florence is the proud home of more than one million pieces of Renaissance art, including Michelangelo’s David and the Birth of Venus by Botticelli.
But Florence isn’t just the hub of Renaissance art; it’s also the place of origin for many global brands such as Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, and others. It is also renowned for its award winning wines and mouth-watering cuisine

Continue Exploring Florence

Here, in Florence, it’s needless to say that you can relish a delectable dish that will hamper your taste buds! If you haven’t heard of the succulent Florentine steaks until now, this is your shot of enjoying one, together with a good wine, possibly one of the best in the world, as Tuscany is highly appreciated for the most prestigious wine selection it produces.
The cityis mostly famous for its compact historic centre, where lie most of the splendid attractions that tourists visiting Italy cannot miss: imposing cathedrals and basilicas, picturesque squares, narrow alleys filled with handicraft shops, and hundreds of beautifully preserved monuments and palaces. Once you visit Florence, you’ll comprehend what makes it such a draw for people from all around the world.

Other eXPeriences from Venice

Depart from Venice and reach the Islands of the Lagoon or the Dolomites in one day!

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