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Things to know about Colosseum

Listed on the "Seven wonders of the modern world", the Colosseum is one of the most spectacular man-made structures ever created.The construction has been completed in 80AD, and it was the largest amphitheatre in all of Rome: so gigantic it could house over fifty thousand spectators!
The Colosseum was built using the most sophisticated engineering techniques of the day, including an elevator system and the possibility to flood the stage for mock naval battles.The Colosseum was primarily a place to entertain Ancient Romans in brutal games, such as the gladiators' mortal fights or the human-vs-beast combats.
Today, the Colosseum is just as magnificent as in the past, both seen from the outside and in its interior, where is possible to visit an informative museum and admire the complex underground set of rooms and passageways.
A tour of the Colosseum is almost a prerequisite for any visitor to Rome, but it has to be well planned in advance since it is one of the biggest draws for tourists in the city.