1 hour tour of the Colosseum for small groups

1 hour tour of the Colosseum for small groups

1 h
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difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Colosseum tour in just one hour

Do you want to visit Colosseum but you are afraid of not having enough time? This is the right tour for you! In only one hour you will visit the Colosseum with an expert tour guide!

Small group tour of the Colosseum in 1 hour highlights: 

  • Admire the majesty of Colosseum with a professional guide
  • Guided tour of the Colosseum
  • Listen to the explanations of the guide
  • Optimise visiting time with 1-hour tour
  • Get ready to visit one of the most famous monuments in the world

Small group tour of the Colosseum in 1 hour

Rome is perhaps one of the cities with the highest number artistic and cultural attractions in the world. In its center - and not only - at every corner you can find squares, fountains, churches and incredible monuments that are all worth a visit. It is honestly a very difficult goal if you have a few days of travel available! For those who do not want to give up visiting most of the attractions, this tour offers the opportunity to visit the Colosseum, one of the symbols of Rome, in just an hour!

Colosseum guided visit with a history expert 

As soon as you arrive at the Colosseum, you will meet your guide who will explain how the tour will be scheduled with your small group. By joining our tour, you can bypass the hassle of long queues and dive straight into the beauty and history of the Colosseum, one of the most popular monuments in the world.Please note that there might be a line for the security check, but it should not take much time. 

Colosseum in 1 hour 

This tour is suitable for people who want to optimise the schedule visit of their trip and also for those who do not love too long guided tours. The duration of the Colosseum tour is just one hour, which is any way enough for a visit inside the Colosseum with a professional guide. The guide will tell you the history, leggends and anedoctes of this millenary arena, which is one of the 7 world wonders. 

Guided tour 

Together with your guide you will admire the imposing internal architecture of the Colosseum Arena, used in the past for the fights between gladiators.  Today it is the set of many films set in that era, as well as the stage for important theatrical works and concerts. In addition, the tour gives you access also to the Roman Forum, so if you wish, at the end of the one-hour Colosseum tour, you can continue on your own towards the Roman Forum, walking among columns and ancient remains of imperial Rome.

Other Colosseum tours

If you prefer a personalized guided visit, we suggest the private tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum. To visit two of the main Rome attractions in one day: guided visit of Colosseum and Vatican Museum with skip the line tickets included.