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Tour of Eataly and Castel Romano Outlet

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Luxury & Shopping in Rome

Italy is the country of fashion and design, and Rome in particular is one of the world’s fashion capitals with a distinctive style and great contributions to the fashion industry: take advantage of your holiday in Rome to let groped by our eXPeriences in the world of luxury and shopping.
Visit the best outlets in Rome guided by our fashion experts and image consultants, looking for the perfect clothes or accessories, recreating the style that perfectly fits you. Also, you will visit the boutiques of famous brands, immersing yourself in the charm and uniqueness of the Made in Italy.
If you are looking for the special eXPerience to complete your holiday in Rome, check out our selection of activities focused on luxuryfashion and shopping: the ideal choice to find great souvenirs and return home with the highest expressions of Made in Italy in your baggage.

Luxury and Shopping in Rome
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