Tips from the Expert: Personal Shopping & Image Consulting eXPerience in Rome

Shopping and Luxury: Personal Shopping & Image Consulting eXPerience in Rome

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Luxury & Shopping
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Personal Shopping & Image Consulting eXPerience in Rome

Discover the most secret shopping destinations in Rome with the help of our fashion experts. If you are looking for the best quality fashion items, then Rome is the place to be! An exclusive and personalized tour through the streets of the city that will help you find the style that best suits you.

Tips from the Expert: Personal Shopping & Image Consulting eXPerience in Rome highlights: 

  • Receive precious advice about shopping in Rome, saving you precious time and money
  • We will suggest you where to purchase your favorite clothes and accessories to complete your personal style
  • Redesign yourself with the help of our shopping expert and image specialist in Rome
  • For those who truly love quality clothing and enjoy wandering the luxurious shopping streets of Rome, just as a local
  • We can help with any shopping or styling tips you might need!

Join this unique opportunity to discover the most secret shopping locations in Rome, the best fashion streets of the Capital. An exclusive shopping tour in Rome, that includes expert advice on shopping and personal style.

A shopping experience that will enrich your Roman holiday

How often have you found yourself going around in circles looking for something that you haven't the slightest idea where to find? We offer a great service to help you save time and money by allowing you to avoid making a purchasing mistake and stop wasting time searching for the right shop. We are here to answer any question or detail you might need, guiding you through the charming fashion world of Rome.

Visit some of the best shops in the centre of Rome

We will help you choose the most appropriate articles for your needs, while maximizing your time and staying within your budget. We will guide you through the authentic Italy clothing style,to search for what you want, advise you on the most suitable clothing and accessories for you, your style and to enhance your image to the max.

Meet a personal shopper that will help you to find your style

But above all, we will accompany you to discover the shops and showrooms of Rome that are otherwise invisible to those walking along the shopping streets of a big city like Rome
Without an expert guide you might risk missing the best places. We will help you to discover the most elegant boutiques in Rome to make your shopping experience fun and enjoyable!

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