Full Day Private Tour of Rome by Vespa

Full Day Private Tour of Rome by Vespa

8 h
Tours on wheels
difficulty Medium
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Alistair W
Pick up included

Full Day Private eXPerience of Rome by Vespa

Discover the true charm of Rome and Italian culture with this unique Private Vespa tour of Rome. Enjoy a full day tour of Rome by Vespa, exploring the most beautiful and inspiring places of the city. Enjoy the attractions of Rome like never before, on board a true Italian symbol, the Vespa.

Full Day Private Activity of historic centre of Rome by Vespa highlights: 

  • A full day tour of Rome on a Vespa, a true Italian status symbol
  • Discover the masterpieces of art and architecture with this unique eXPerience in Rome
  • Escape long walks and visit the most beautiful places of Rome with a comfortable Vespa
  • Ride the amazing Vespa or let your expert driver accompany you on your journey
  • Take the Vespa on the streets of Rome and be amazed by the fascinating monuments

Full Day Private Activity of historic centre of Rome by Vespa

Spend an entire day among the marvels of Rome. Book this Full Day Private Tour of historic city centre of Rome by Vespa, an icon of Made in Italy, that was made even more famous by the film "Roman Holiday"!

Ride the amazing Vespa and start discovering Rome

Thanks to this Full Day Private Tour of historic city centre of Rome by Vespa, you will be guided through the fundamental and most important sights of the city, from the panoramic view of Baroque Rome, to the Colosseum and Circus Maximus, Castel Sant'Angelo and the VaticanTrevi Fountain and Piazza Navona and so much more.
Among others, you will also have the chance to discover true wonders like the Santa Maria degli Angeli, Via dei Fori Imperiali, the Mouth of Truth, Piazza del Campidoglio, the Spanish Steps and more. 

Be amazed by the fascinating monuments of the historic city centre

This Full Day Private Tour of historic city centre of Rome by Vespa is designed to let you discover the best of the Eternal City in just one day, avoiding the long walks and tourist crowds. You will drive or be driven on board the wonderful Vespa, a symbol of Italian style.
Enjoy a breathtaking journey in Rome that will lead you over 35 kilometers inside the historical center, for a total of 23 stages of Rome to discover! In just one day you will get to know the city as few people really do! 

Escape long walks and visit the most beautiful places of Rome by Vespa

In the breaks provided during the Full Day Private Tour of historic city centre of Rome by Vespa, you will have the possibility to taste some typical local products. Get a chance to feel the city's atmosphere!
Take advantage of this exclusive Full Day Private Vespa Tour of the main attractions of Rome, discovering the most beautiful places of the Eternal City. Zip around palazzos and piazzas on this eXPerience by Vespa and spot iconic landmarks!

Other eXPeriences to visit Rome's best attractions!

W also suggest you the Vintage Tour by Fiat 500, for those who want to eXPerience the thrill of traveling aboard an icon of the '60s, and the Full Day Walking Tour, to explore the streets of the historic centre at its best!

Reviews of Full Day Private Tour of Rome by Vespa

Reviewed by janeelliott56 from United Kingdom

Excellent, would definitely recommend

Had a fantastic time on this tour would recommend to anyone visiting. Great value for money and a great way to spend your time in Rome.
Reviewed by dallasm0m from United States

Highlight of our trip!

My daughter and I loved the Vespa tour with drivers -Massimiliano and friend! We saw Rome by night and captured fabulous pictures and made wonderful memories!! Highly recommend!!
Reviewed by Alistair W from United Kingdom


Well what can I say? AWESOME!!!!! This made our trip to Rome. OK there are a bit of nerves to start with, but the guys are so reassuring, and talk to you all the time, pointing out the sites and telling you where they are going or doing. They had a planned route, but were happy to make alterations if we wanted,and linger for as long as we want. These guys need to be on everyone's itinerary who wants to see Rome properly. At the end of the tour they dropped us at their recommended restaurant. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by Anna S from Russian Federation

A way to see the real Rome!

In the beggining of September me and my friend decided to take a chance and see the real Rome from the Vespa's back seat! That was really amazing journey with our wonderful guide Maks and unforgettable views of the Colosseum, the arch of Constantine, St Peter's Basilica, sights of the night Rome and coins thrown into the Trevi Fontan (please remember, you need to throw the coins through your back - one coin if you would like to come back and two coins if you want to find a real love :)) Do not be afraid to try this adventure and open a whole new world! And my advise is to ask questions to your guides - the marvelous Rome is much closer when we sometimes think!