Private Tour of the Baroque Rome abord a Vespa

Private Tour of the Baroque Rome abord a Vespa

2 h
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difficulty Medium
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Highly recommend!!

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Private activity of the Baroque Rome by Vespa

Explore the true charm and magnificence of Baroque art with this exclusive tour of Rome. Drive through the streets of Rome in a Vespa and see the most beautiful squares and fountains of Rome. The masterpieces of Baroque Rome await for you in this unique eXPerience in the Eternal City!

Private eXPerience of the Baroque Rome by Vespa highlights: 

  • Discover the masterpieces of the Baroque art works in Rome
  • Jump on board a legendary Vespa Scooter and explore the Eternal City!
  • Escape from the hectic pace of the city and start your magical tour by Vespa
  • Relive "Roman Holiday" atmosphere, the great movie featuring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck
  • Admire the monuments of Rome like a local, from the two wheels of your vintage Vespa

Private eXPerience of the Baroque Rome by Vespa

With this Private Tour you will see the majesty of Baroque Rome on board a Vespa, a must of Made in Italy, made even more famous by the film "Roman Holiday". Discover the most magical places of Baroque Rome!

Ride the amazing Vespa and start discovering Baroque Rome

This private tour by Vespa will trace the milestones that have characterized the Roman Baroque style and will allow you to enjoy some masterpieces of the two rivals, Bernini and Borromini. Strap on your helmet and start the engine of your Vespa Scooter! What better opportunity to learn about Baroque Rome and its treasures than from the seat of a Vespa, away from the hectic pace of the city?
This private unique Vespa tour of Baroque Rome will give you the great possibility to discover the amazing architecture of ancient Rome, reliving part of the epic history. This eXPerience on board a Vespa is the best opportunity to discover the treasures of the Eternal City, aboard a true Italian icon, made even more famous by the film "Roman Holiday". 

Admire Rome and its treasures from another point of view: by Vespa!

Hop aboard your Vespa and see Rome in a different way! From Piazza Barberini, with the splendid Fontana del Tritone, passing to Trevi Fountain, the Barcaccia in Piazza di Spagna and conclude with the famous Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona. On the Vespa tour of Rome, you will discover the most important piazzas and fountains of Rome, true examples of Roman Baroque style.
Discover the magnificence of Rome with this amazing tour, which will allow you to escape from the hectic pace of the city and immerse you in Rome in a way that is unusual and fun, aboard a Vespa. This is one of the most iconic and fascinating means of transportation in Rome, offering an easy way to get around the city. While there are many way one can experience Rome, a Vespa tour of the Baroque art is truly inspiring. 

Drive an authentic Italian Vespa with this private tour

Join a stroll by Vespa through the streets and alleys of the city centre to visit the most famous squares, fountains and palaces of the baroque art. From the Spanish Steps to the spectacular Trevi Fountain, on to the amazing architecture of the Pantheon, and the lively atmosphere of Piazza Navona, with the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini. 
Gian Lorenzo Bernini was a hugely influential Baroque architect. As the style radiated from Rome throughout Europe, his name would become synonymous with the design of theatrical spaces that strived for emotional stimulation. Learn more about beautiful Rome, while also enjoying yourself as you cruise the city as a true local. Make the most of this exclusive and unique experience in Rome.

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Reviews of Private Tour of the Baroque Rome abord a Vespa

Reviewed by Rebecca W. from Australia

One of the biggest highlights of our trip!

My husband, my friend and I booked this based on the glowing reviews on tripadvisor. We did the vespa panoramic tour with drivers. It was an incredible experience and so much fun zipping through the small streets!! We had already seen most of the big attractions so it was a great way to wrap up our days in Rome. The vespa tours are a must for any visit to Rome!!!
Reviewed by janeelliott56 from United Kingdom

Excellent, would definitely recommend

Had a fantastic time on this tour would recommend to anyone visiting. Great value for money and a great way to spend your time in Rome.
Reviewed by dallasm0m from United States

Highlight of our trip!

My daughter and I loved the Vespa tour with drivers -Massimiliano and friend! We saw Rome by night and captured fabulous pictures and made wonderful memories!! Highly recommend!!
Reviewed by Alistair W from United Kingdom


Well what can I say? AWESOME!!!!! This made our trip to Rome. OK there are a bit of nerves to start with, but the guys are so reassuring, and talk to you all the time, pointing out the sites and telling you where they are going or doing. They had a planned route, but were happy to make alterations if we wanted,and linger for as long as we want. These guys need to be on everyone's itinerary who wants to see Rome properly. At the end of the tour they dropped us at their recommended restaurant. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!