Small Group Boat Tour on the Grand Canal of Venice

Small Group Boat Tour on the Grand Canal of Venice

1 h
Something different
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Tour of the Grand Canal of Venice by boat

A boat tour of the city of Venice that will let you discover from the perspective of the water and aboard a boat this magic city for a day you will not forget!

Small Group Boat Tour on the Grand Canal of Venice highlights: 

  • Navigate the Grand Canal, one of the most fascinating canals in the world
  • Take part in a boat tour admiring the magic of Venice
  • Listen to the words of the guide and discover the history and secrets of this wonderful city
  • Discover unique, timeless churches, monuments and palaces of Venice
  • Visit the more typical and less touristy neighborhoods by boat

Small Group Boat Tour on the Grand Canal of Venice

This Venice boat tour in small group will let you know the city from a different perspective than usual: you will look at it from the water and the canals. From the Grand Canal to the smaller canals, but all of them equally important, because in Venice the streets are made of water. Observing palaces, churches, monuments, arches and bridges from this perspective will be a truly unique and unforgettable experience and for one day you will feel like true Venetians. This particular boat tour will also allow you to avoid mixing with the crowds of tourists who typically come to Venice throughout the year, from your boat you can move smoothly and quickly between the canals without losing anything in the city.

The Grand Canal

Your boat tour in Venice will start on a luxury motorboat that will accompany you through the canals of the city, the maximum number of participants is expected in 8/9 people just to allow you to enjoy the best of your day in a unique way. With you there will be an expert guide that will help to make this experience even more beautiful, giving you information on everything you will see and do. You will leave the Grand Canal, sailing pleasantly and safely on what is considered the main artery of the town, you can take unforgettable photos and admire palaces, bridges and many other historic and famous buildings of the city. The guide will tell you about the history of the city and its development, famous characters and many other stories and anecdotes tied to those who have lived in Venice over the centuries.

Smaller channels

But Venice is not just tourist spots and places of interest, in the second part of this day your city boat tour will take you to less well-known canals and neighborhoods, perhaps even more typical and characteristic. Where life flows smoothly, away from touristy crowds and where it is possible to grasp the true essence of the city. You can see little-known but beautiful and very romantic views, you will be astonished by the rest of this city; at the end of the visit of the other neighborhoods you will return, always passing through the water, in St. Mark's Square.

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