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Things to know about Pisa

This lovely city is one of the most important cities in Tuscany. Rich in history and charm, Pisa has ancient origins: the city grew flourishingly to become one of the four Maritime Republics, extending its area of influence on most of the Mediterranean Sea.
Today, Pisa is an important cultural centre, home to three among the most important Italian universities. Every year thousands of tourists crowd Pisa to visit its splendid attractions, the first of which is undoubtedly the Leaning Tower: this world-famous monument is nothing but the bell tower of the Cathedral of Pisa, and it owes its leaning-feature to a failure in the soil that occurred during its construction.
However, in addition to the Leaning Tower there is much more to see in Pisa: around the Piazza del Duomo lie other point of interest, such as the Cathedral of Pisa, important both for its architecture and for the artistic treasures kept inside; the Baptistery, one of the oldest monuments in Pisa, with its characteristic octagonal shape; and the Monumental Cemetery, a historic cemetery where are buried many illustrious personalities of Pisa.