Half-day Tour from Florence to visit the fantastic city of Pisa

Half-day Tour from Florence to visit the fantastic city of Pisa

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We had a great time in Pisa.

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Half-day excursion to Pisa departing from Florence

Departing from Florence you will spend half a day in one of the most beautiful and well-known cities in the entire region of Tuscany– Pisa. You'll not only have the opportunity to see the famous Leaning Tower, but you'll also see a wealth of other architectural, artistic, and historical treasures.

Visit Pisa in half day departing from Florence highlights: 

  • Spend half a day in Pisa, one of Tuscany’s most famous and historic cities
  • Explore the Piazza dei Miracoli, long renowned as one of the most beautiful public squares anywhere in the world
  • Be amazed at the incredible Romanesque architecture of Pisa’s Cathedral
  • Admire externally the Baptistery and the well-known Monumental Graveyard
  • Join either the morning or afternoon tour groups, depending on personal taste and the rest of your schedule

Visit Pisa in half day departing from Florence

On this incredible half day tour from Florence, you'll have the opportunity to tour one of the most emblematic icons of the country of Italy – the medieval city of Pisa, along with its world-famous Leaning Tower. The tour is offered twice daily in the morning and afternoon, in order to make it accessible no matter what your schedule may be like.

A day excursion to discover the landmarks of Pisa

The tour begins with your guide taking you along a section of the ancient walls and through the famous gate called the Porta Santa Maria.
Proceeding in to Pisa proper, the first sight you will be struck by is the unique panorama presented by the famous Piazza dei Miracoli. The vividly green and assiduously maintained grass lawns present a stark contrast to the whiteness of the marble used to construct the wondrous masterpieces of architecture that fill the Piazza.

Admire the monuments in the centre of Pisa

You will move through the Piazza, your guide will accompany you on your visit to the precious interiors of the Cathedral, an unchallenged masterpiece of Romanesque art. Once outside you can admire externally the Baptistery and the Monumental Graveyard.

See the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa

Finally, you'll have your opportunity to see the famous Leaning Tower from the outside. Your guide will explain the history behind the Leaning Tower, as well as the efforts in place to ensure that it won't actually fall over. Believe it or not, the most recent efforts were completed only as recently as 2008, and the Tower is expected to need some more work in about 200 more years.

Other eXPeriences in Pisa and in Tuscany

If you are looking for a more compelte experience in Pisa, check out the Half Day Tour of Pisa with admission to the Leaning Tower: you will be able to climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of the symbol of Italian architeture in the world.
If you are interested in other destinations in Tuscany, we recommend the Lucca and Pisa Tour or the Carrara Marble Quarries, Pisa and Lucca Tour!

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Reviews of Half-day Tour from Florence to visit the fantastic city of Pisa

Reviewed by Caseybakes from

The knowledge of the guide makes it amazing!

Our visit was very interesting. Our guide was so prepared, polite and helpful! So full of knowledge and facts! Really made this one of the standouts of our trip! I will be recommending to all our friends when they travel!
Reviewed by Ivy844 from United States

Pisa Tour

Matteo Catania is very friendly and experience, explaining everything in details. We had a great time in Pisa. Matteo is the best driver and tour guide we have ever had. Thanks, Matteo!