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Volterra is walled town of ancient Etruscan origin is located in the province of Pisa. Its history is strictly intertwined with that of the ancient rulers of Tuscany: from the Etruscans and the Romans, to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany; all of those have left traces of their passage that can be noticed in the architecture and the buildings, such as the cathedral in Romanesque style or the gates in the city walls.
Volterra is famous for its famous tradition of carving alabaster, which is extracted in this area. Do not miss a tour to visit the traditional craft-shops where the famous "stone of light" is finely carved and refined.
This authentic gem in the heart of Tuscany has a unique charm: its buildings, towers and medieval walls have inspired many illustrious poets and artists over the centuries.

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Private guided tour of Volterra, the city of the alabaster Join an exciting tour of Volterra, an ancient medieval town in the Tuscan countryside, renowned for the presence of the alabaster and its artisanal manufacturing. Explore the narrow streets of Volterra and discover the traditional alabaster art that has been refined generation after generation.
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