City Tour of the Centre of Rome on a Vintage FIAT 500 in 90 minutes

City Tour of the Centre of Rome on a Vintage FIAT 500 in 90 minutes

1 h
min 30
Tours on wheels
difficulty Medium
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Vintage tour of Rome city center onboard a classic Fiat 500

Get ready for an eXPerience of a lifetime! Cruise through the beauty of Rome and its wonderful monuments aboard a classic Vintage FIAT 500. Drive through Rome or enjoy being driven, and remember to take a break to admire the wonderful views from above the Aventine Hill.

Rome City Center, 90 minutes activity, on a Vintage Fiat 500 highlights: 

  • Cruise the streets of Rome in style with a Vintage FIAT 500
  • Embark yourself on a 90-minute trip through Rome, either with a professional driver or driving by yourself
  • Drive by the Colisseum, the Pantheon, Villa Medici and other symbols of Ancient Rome
  • Look through the Malta keyhole in Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta
  • Admire the wonderful views above the Aventine and Janiculum Hills

Rome City Center, 90 minutes activity, on a Vintage Fiat 500

This 90-minute date in Rome is perfect for a couple in love that wishes to visit it the Italian way. Glance at the famous monuments of the Eternal City and its historic charm through the window of one of the most famous cars in Italy. The driver will drive you by many roman churches and very well known attractions, such as the Coliseum. If you prefer it, you can even drive the Fiat 500 Vintage yourself!

Learn about the Fiat 500, a true Italian icon

Car lovers will be pleased to know more about the FIAT 500 Vintage, a well-known Italian car company, from the inside of one of their masterpieces. Known as the first “city cars”, the FIAT 500 made history in the world of cars. This practical and stylish vehicle takes the term “small car” to another dimension. Despite its reduced dimensions, the FIAT 500 dominated the European market and became one of the most demanded vehicles on the II World War post-war period.

Admire central Roma aboard a FIAT 500 Vintage

Your carriage will await you at the famous Coliseum. Take your time to admire this colossal structure, the biggest amphitheater in the world and one of the best examples of engineering in Ancient Rome. Make your self comfortable to embark on this adventure. Drive a FIAT 500 Vintage on places of Rome hardly visited by tourists. At one point the driver will take you towards the Aventine Hill, where you can see the some amazing views. Get your camera ready when you reach the top of the Hill!  Above this hill, one of the Seven Hills of Rome, you will be able to see some of the best views of the Eternal City

Enjoy a unique eXPerience on a Vintage FIAT 500 during your stay in Rome

Drive your Vintage FIAT 500 up to the top of the Aventine Hill. Once there, you can discover the mystery of the quaint Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta by looking through a keyhole to view an incomparable sight of the St. Peter´s Basilica. Continue on to the Janiculum Hill, your final stop. Watch the views this location offers you, seeing the ornate Villa Medici, the famous Altare della Patria and the magnificent Pantheon, Temple of the gods and renown achievement of the Roman architecture.

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