Guided Group Tour of the most beautiful Squares of Rome at Night

Guided Group Tour of the most beautiful Squares of Rome at Night

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This tour was awesome!


Guided group Visit to the main Squares of Rome at Night

Rome is most definitely a magical city, but there is a certain something in the air after when the night comes that infuses the Eternal City with a sense of romance and mystery the likes of which you have never before seen. Skip the confusion and experience this Rome by night walking tour.

Group activity visiting the main Squares of Rome at Night highlights: 

  • Experience the same incredible sights Rome has to offer by day, but without all the traffic, crowds, and other congestion
  • Visit a number of major places of interest, including the Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, Forums, and the Capitol
  • Get a better, more intimate look at the statuary, art, and architecture you visit on the tour than you may during the day amidst a large crowd
  • The charm of Rome takes on a different flavor and character than it has during the day; savor this, and experience Rome by Moonlight
  • Stroll through various public squares and view some of the most famous monuments of all time on this incredible walking tour

Group activity visiting the main Squares of Rome at Night

If you're looking for something a bit different, consider this unique walking tour through the Rome by night. This night tour will let you know the most romantic side of the Eternal City: an unmissable tour for everyone while in Rome!

A tour that will give you a different point of view on Rome

Unlike most tours, you will completely avoid the hustle and bustle of Rome during the day, and instead are able to enjoy a more relaxed and serene exploration of the monuments and architecture of the city.
The tour begins at sunset, as the last rays of the setting sun are reflected off of the majestic monuments which stand as symbols of the glory of Ancient Rome alongside modern, contemporary architecture. You'll be accompanied each and every step of the way by an experienced guide who will explain historical details of each site you visit, and share entertaining stories as well.

Discover Rome by night: visit the centre of Rome and Ancient Rome's landmarks

Start your journey from the Colosseum area, and enter deep inside the historic center. You will visit one of Rome's most famous temples, the Pantheon, a Roman building consecrated to all the gods, as well as the famed Navona Square. You will visit the exterior façade of both the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, pass by the Trevi Fountain, and visit the Capitol building of Rome itself.
So if this sounds intriguing, consider trying something a little different. Come, join us, and experience this Rome by night tour: an unforgettable experience that will let you know Rome under the moonlight.

Learn more about this tour's landmarks!

By choosing this night tour, you will visit some of the most important monuments in Rome! Did you know that Navona Square was built on the ancient site of the Stadium of Domitian? And that the water that flows form the Trevi Fountain runs in the same track of the ancient Aqua Virgo acqueduct? Take this night walking tour of Rome, and discover all its secret under the moonlinght!

Other night tours in Rome!

If you are looking for a tour of the squares of Rome, but you prefer a different itinerary, check out our tour of the squares of Rome at sunset. If you really want to live Rome by night, we suggest you two more experiences. You can explore the center of Rome by Vespa, driving a true symbol of Made in Italy, or discover the most important monuments of the Eternal City driving a Segway, a modern and ecologic vehicle.

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Reviews of Guided Group Tour of the most beautiful Squares of Rome at Night

Reviewed by blovitsfamily from United States

Rome by night walking tour

This tour was awesome! This tour lasted 3 hours. We had a registered guide who was also an archeologist. She spoke English very well and gave us so much information. She even managed to work a gelato stop in near the Trevi Fountain (which was great for the kids......and adults :0). Well worth the money!
Reviewed by Christine D from United Kingdom

Rome night walking tour

My son and myself did the Rome night walking tour last night, our guide Fabrizio was fantastic he was extremely knowledgable and the information he gave us tied in with the sights we had already seen so we walked away from the night glad that we did it, seeing everything lit up at night is amazing, I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Rome