Private 2-hour Guided Tour around the Royal Palace of Caserta

Private 2-hour Guided Tour around the Royal Palace of Caserta

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Guided private visit to the Royal Palace of Caserta

Thanks to this private tour you will have the opportunity to visit the splendid Royal Palace of Caserta, became over the centuries the symbol of the city. The itinerary includes not only its apartments, but also the fabulous royal gardens that stand out for over three kilometers.

Private excursion with guide of the Royal Palace of Caserta highlights: 

  • Explore the Royal Palace of Caserta, symbol of the city, with your guide
  • Visit the royal apartments, in a series of frescoes and stuccos
  • Stroll through the park of the Palace, which covers about three kilometers
  • Admire the spectacular fountains and sculptures that adorn the gardens
  • An unforgettable private tour to discover one of the most beautiful places in Italy

Private excursion with guide of the Royal Palace of Caserta

This private tour regards the visit of the Royal Palace of Caserta, better known as the Palace of Caserta: an architectural masterpiece designed by Luigi Vanvitelli in the eighteenth century. The itinerary includes both the interior of the Palace and the fabulous park of over 120 hectares; both declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit the fabulous apartments of the Royal Palace of Caserta

This private tour will begin with a visit to the fabulous interiors of the Royal Palace, which represent one of the highest points of the Italian Baroque style and that leave every visitor agape. The huge house has four courtyards and many rooms (over 1200), chapels, museums and theaters. Everything is connected by 34 magnificent staircases and by 1970 windows that provide the necessary lighting.
The Royal Palace of Caserta was built by the King Charles of Bourbon during the great reorganization of the kingdom of Naples, and committed the design to the architect Luigi Vanvitelli in 1751.

Admire the opulence of this palace, an UNESCO World Heritage

In the lobby of the building there is the grand staircase with 116 steps and marble statues that indicate the way. The staircase leads up to the upper vestibule and the Palatine Chapel, with vault ceilings and gilded rosettes. You can admire the royal apartments, decorated with a refined style where the rococo merges with the neoclassical. The best painters of that time contributed with their arts to create the most sublime decoration of the eighteenth century in Italy.
The basic idea was to create a building that could compete with the great residences of the European monarchs: the huge palace, in fact, includes four courtyards and 1,200 rooms. Exploring the apartments of the Royal Palace you will see the majestic marble staircases, the adorned ceilings, the court theatre and the refined decorations of the rooms made by the best painters of that time.

Explore the beautiful park of the Palace of Caserta

This private tour of the Royal Palace also includes a visit to the 120 acres Royal Park, which stretches for along 3 kilometers long avenues, adorned with fountains and monumental sculptures. It respects completely the majesty of the Palace, with its fountains, the subtlety of its design and the greenery.
The gardens extend for over three kilometers and end with a 78 meters-high waterfall that flows into the terrific Fountain of Diana. Within the park there is also the English Garden, commissioned by Maria Carolina of Austria, full of rare and exotic plants, a picturesque lake and artificial ruins decorated with statues.

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