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A 6 Day Itinerary of Campania between art, food and sea

May 15, 2019 Daniel Hall

Campania, with its coast on the Tyrrhenian Sea, is one of the most popular regions in Italy among tourists. Boasting colourful fishing villages along the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, the ancient ruins of Pompeii, and historical palaces and castles, it’s little wonder that most Italian itineraries have at least a few days in the region. Oh, and did we mention that it’s also where traditional Italian pizza hails from?
Campania is a big region, and it can be tricky knowing the best way to fit in everything you want to see and do. To help you out, we’ve put together this 6-day itinerary of Campania so that you’ll see the best the region has to offer, without feeling rushed or exhausted by the end of it!
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Day 1: Naples

Naples is the third largest city in Italy, dwarfed only by Rome and Milan, so it makes sense to start your trip in this vibrant, dramatic, and energetic metropolis. Take in the city’s rich art and culture and a plethora of museums including the marble sculptures in the evocative Cappella Sansevero, and the finest collection of Pompeiian mosaics and frescoes on the planet at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale.
If you have any time left over before dinner, treat yourself to some retail therapy at the city’s fine boutiques and designer shops. Also, don't miss a ride by subway, in the art-stations considered the most beautiful in Europe, like Toledo stop. 
Round off day one with a visit to a traditional pizzeria, where you can experience pizza as it was originally intended. Forget about silly and unnecessary toppings like meat, vegetables, or (especially) pineapple, and keep it simple with a traditional Margherita or Marinara.
Suggested tours:

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Day 2: Royal Palace of Caserta - Sorrento

After spending the night in Naples, it’s time for the next stop on the itinerary – the Baroque masterpiece and UNESCO World Heritage site that is the Royal Palace of Caserta, which is located in Caserta, around 40 km away from Naples. 
The former home of Bourbon Royalty was constructed in the 18th century and is still the biggest royal palace in the world. It’s also where neoclassical architecture was born. The palace is packed with important furniture and frescoes, while the gardens hold fountains and even an aqueduct!
After a tiring but enjoyable day in Caserta, we suggest to spend the night in Sorrento, which you can reach by taking a train back to Naples, then changing for another hour-long journey or, fi you do not have a car, we suggest a more comfortable private transfer from Naples to Sorrento. 
Suggested tour:

itinerary in campania region

Day 3: Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius

Sorrento is a lovely town and the gateway to the Amalfi Coast, but we’re not sending you there just yet. After a breakfast in the café-lined square of Piazza Tasso, it’s time to head to one of Italy’s best-known ancient ruins – the city of Pompeii.
If you were to explore the whole of Pompeii, it would take around 3 days – however there are shorter itineraries that allow you to pack in the ancient buried city’s most important sites in half a day. It’s a good idea to do Pompeii as part of a tour or with a guide to find out about the fascinating history of what the city was like before the mighty Vesuvius, which has a constant presence on the skyline, destroyed it. Have a look at our suggested tours below!
After you’ve had your fill of Pompeii, you’ll be heading to Vesuvius. It’s possible to hike from the ticket office at 1,050m on a 4km track which will take you to the edge of the crater, where you can peer into the depths of one of just two of mainland Europe’s active volcanoes. To get to the ticket office, it’s recommended to take a shuttle bus. It’ll save you time and it’s a tricky hike otherwise!
It’s your choice whether to spend the night in Sorrento or Naples, as the following day you’ll be boarding a ferry – with plenty of departures from both!
Suggested tours:

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Day 4. Visit an island

The Gulf of Naples is dotted with beautiful islands which provide a welcome and refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the big city. There are ferry ports in both Sorrento and Naples, so pick an island from Capri, Ischia, and Procida, and get ready to experience island life Italian style!
If your budget stretches to it, Capri has long been a second home for the rich and famous – take a boat trip around the jagged cliffs and spot the houses of George Clooney and some other famous stars. Once you’re back on land, try granitas made of the huge lemons found on the island, before taking the chairlift at Anacapri for sublime views of the bay.
Travellers who don’t want to blow their whole budget in one day will be happy to know that Ischia is more down to earth with its castle and thermal springs, and Procida is like Portofino minus tourists!
Suggested tours:


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Day 5. Amalfi Coast

The highlight of many tourists’ Italian adventures since the days of the Grand Tour, you’ll recognise the dramatic cliffs and pastel coloured houses of the Amalfi Coast from several movies and ‘must visit’ destination lists. The 50 kilometre stretch of coastline that includes the towns of Amalfi, Positano, and Ravello is best-known for its beaches, picturesque squares and churches, and having some of the best restaurants and hotels in Italy.
That’s not all though – active travellers will be delighted to know that there are some great hiking paths that connect the towns, whilst providing jaw-dropping views all the way to Naples in the north and Salerno in the South. If hiking isn’t your thing, take a boat tour – there are plenty of spots for cliff diving, or you can just hop from town to town along the coast!
Suggested tours:

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Day 6. Cilento Coast

Nowhere near as well-known as the Amalfi Coast, but that means that you’ll find less tourists as you explore the beautiful fishing villages along the Cilento Coast, such as Acciaroli and Palinuro. And don’t say it too loud, but it’s better for relaxing on the beach than in Amalfi – here you’ll find long stretches of golden sand rather than the pebbly beach you’ll find at Positano.
It’s not all about beaches and pretty town in Cilento though – it’s also home to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Paestum, a complex of Ancient Greek temples which are some of the most beautifully-preserved in the world. A moving way to finish off your 6 day tour of Campania!
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