Private activity of Alberobello by Segway, e-bike or golf cart

Private Tour of Alberobello by Segway, e-bike or golf cart

1 h
Tours on wheels
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Accesible

Small group trip of Alberobello by Segway, e-bike or golf cart

Come and join us for a short tour of the historical town of Alberobello to learn of its history, Apulia folklore traditions and discover the amazing UNESCO treasured trullo, how they were constructed and the purpose of their use in the ancient and modern times. 

Private activity of Alberobello by Segway, e-bike or golf cart highlights: 

  • Visit the historical town of Alberobello with a Segway, Ebike or a mini Golf Cart
  • A guided visit through Alberobello’s history and folklore traditions
  • Discover the one and only trullo Church, Sant’Antonio in Alberobello
  • Learn of the trullo history and its construction methods
  • Enjoy the panoramic view as we ascend to the top of the hill

We will take you through the historical town of Alberobello with an expert guide who knows the ins and outs of Alberobello. Our guide will re-tell the stories of how Alberobello came about and how trullo was first constructed. You will discover the trullo construction methods and how they are being used in modern times. We will also visit the only trullo Church, Sant’Antonio.

The historical town of Alberobello

Alberobello literally means beautiful tree because of its ancient heritage where it was and filled with oak and beech forestry. Alberobello was only discovered in the late 14th century and it was looked upon as fertile ground. Many started to live in the area and worked on the land. However, due to some feudal tax feuds, many of the agriculturists were forced to make a makeshift, temporary shelter in Alberobello. Our guide will enlighten you with the historical changes of Alberobello as you tour through the town.

UNESCO treasured Trulli

Trullo may perhaps be one of the oldest forms of houses to have continued its purpose unto this day. It was first constructed with the purpose as a temporary shelter and soon it became a fixture permanent home and trulli (plural for trullo) are now recognized as UNESCO Heritage Site. In this short tour, our guide will take you into one of the trullo to explain the construction method of this white-washed conical shaped roof and discover the status symbol of each trullo that is passed down from the medieval times.

Trullo Church – Sant’Antonio

The Church of San’t Antonio is still well preserved in trullo form, featuring a monumental entrance alleyway with a staircase that over arches with a rose window. This church was first founded by the Greek Orthodox and you will notice that the plan of the church is on a Greek cross plan with lateral chapels and a bell tower.

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