Private Day trip to Venice from Verona: transfer, lunch and guide included

Private Day trip to Venice from Verona: transfer, lunch and guide included

10 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Visit Verona from Venice with this private full day tour

Experience the wonders that Venice has to offer with this private full day tour departing from Verona. You will get a chance to explore the romantic atmosphere of Venice and enjoy also a taste of local lunch.

Private Day tour from Verona to Venice: transfer, lunch and guide included highlights: 

  • Experience a private full day tour from Verona to Venice
  • Discover the complex chain of canals that makes Venice a special tour destination
  • Visit the popular St. Mark’s square and other monumental locations
  • Taste a typical lunch in the beautiful Venice
  • Enjoy an exclusive and private service: pick-up from centrally located hotels in Verona included

The private full day trip to Venice departing from Verona is surely what you need if you want to learn about Venice and its rich history. You will surely have a busy day admiring and exploring the beautiful sites that a city like Venice has to offer.

Enjoy a full fay trip from Verona to Venice

This private trip to Venice affords you the luxury of enjoying a full day outside the city of Verona. You will get a chance to travel aboard a private vehicle so that you can get first-hand view of the city and its beautiful monuments.
You can either choose to meet your English-speaking tour guide somewhere in Verona or ride aboard the private pick-up service directly at your hotel, if it is located in the centre of the city. You will then board the comfortable vehicle which will take you to your destination within a space of 90 minutes.

Discover Venice’s hidden secret

During this private full day trip to Venice departing from Verona, as soon as you arrive Venice, you will be welcomed by a beautiful bridge which leads to the lagoon center. Your private English-speaking tour guide will take you through the city center to ensure you do not get lost.
Discover the secrets of ancient master gondoliers. You will enjoy strolling around the picturesque alleys of the city, taking pictures of the fascinating spots which are unique in the world! You will get a chance to visit places like St. Mark Square, St. Mark Basilica, Rialto Bridge, Doge's Palace and other interesting locations that you may not have envisaged.

Enjoy local delicacies during your lunch

During this private full day trip to Venice departing from Verona, while walking across the main monuments, you will also have the chance to taste the local delicacies: you will in fact have a light lunch eating some of little appetizers in typical Venetian bars!
At end of the day, after visiting this beautiful and unique city, you will return to Verona comfortably on your private vehicle, travelling without any stress, which will make this eXPerience very exclusive! 

Other eXPeriences in Venice

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