Venetian Craftsmen experience with Mask Making Workshop

Venetian Craftsmen experience with Mask Making Workshop

2 h
Something different
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Art and craft making traditions of Venice, a small group activity

Try something different in Venice! In our tour you will discover the "pearls" of Venetian top handcraft traditions such as brocades, marbleized paper, books and leather bindings, dinner jackets, papier-mâché Carnival masks, gold and silver jewelry as we venture from one workshop to another.

Venetian Craftsmen activity with Mask Making Workshop highlights: 

  • Visit the exclusive Venetian Atelier workshops
  • Learn how the Venetian costumes and products are created
  • Enjoy an informative tour through the workshops of how each and individual costumes are designed to fit an event
  • Get a glimpse into the centuries-old Venetian art and craft making traditions
  • Discover the secrets of the master craftsmen

Venetian Craftsmen activity with Mask Making Workshop

Do you know where the Grand Ball costumes originated from? Come and discover with us, in this Venice group tour, the exclusive Venetian Ateliers and through these workshops, it will show you how the most famous traditional and carnival costumes and masks are created.

Venetian Carnival

The Carnival of Venice started as a celebratory event of Serenissima Repubblica victory against the Patriarch of Aquileia in the year 1162 at San Marco Square, which is the St. Mark’s Square. As it grows in popularity, many grand balls, such as the Masquerade Ball uses the Venetian costume and masks themes. The streets of Venice Carnival are usually full of people in Venetian masks wearing elaborate costume worn cloak as allegorical characters. It takes place in February during the time period leading to the religious Lent with open air parties and masked balls.

Venetian Mask

Mask has always been an important feature in Venetian Carnival. Venetian masks can be made out of leather, porcelain, papier-mâché or using glass technique. Originally the masks were made in simple designs with decorations and often it accentuates symbolic and practical functions. However now with most Italian masks, they  are made with an added application of gesso and gold leaf, which are hand-painted using natural feathers and gems for decoration. 

Venetian Atelier

Most creation of Venetian costumes and masks are born in the rigor of the Venetian traditions. We will be visiting workshops that use the tradition of Venetian “mascareri” using precious clothes such as silk, and velvet, which are both selected from the best local weavers. These Carnival costumes are designed and made by leading Venetian tailors, using the finest fabrics. In our tour, we will visit the real artisans.

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