Amazing boat tour of the Venice Lagoon at Sunset

Amazing boat tour of the Venice Lagoon at Sunset

1 h
min 30
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difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Boat activity of the Venice Lagoon at Sunset

Discover the unique charm of Venice with a unique motorboat tour of the Venetian Lagoon. Among the great things to do in Venice, this is one of the most enjoyable, giving you the chance to see Venice from the water and admire the city under the sunset.

Boat eXPerience of the Venice Lagoon at Sunset highlights: 

  • Explore the magnificent lagoon with a sunset tour of Venice
  • Admire the city from a comfortable motorboat cruising the canals
  • See the fascinating islands of the Venice lagoon from a motorboat
  • Experience the beauty of Venice at sunset
  • Join an exclusive eXPerience in Venice

Boat eXPerience of the Venice Lagoon at Sunset

Ever dreamed about exploring the fascinating Lagoon of Venice from a motorboat, admiring the wonderful landmarks and feeling the city from the water. While most tourists stick to the pathways and only briefly reach the canals of Venice, the surrounding area is of exceptional beauty and holds an immense heritage, a unique place on Earth that is worth discovering with this exclusive sunset motorboat tour of Venice.

A tour to discover the magnificent Venetian Lagoon

This is a once in a lifetime eXPerience in Venice, taking you to places not usually frequented or seen by tourists, a trip through the Saint Mark's Basin, passing by some of the surrounding islands and learning about the history of this marvelous place.
The best way to enjoy the magic of Venice is to walk across the waterways! You might know that there are hundreds of things to see and do while visiting Venice, but few can compare with the panorama of Venice in the warm light of the sunset, seen from the water.

Discover some of the best islands of Venice

This unique activity in Venice gives you the chance to board a modern motorboat from a pier close to Saint Mark's Square. Then you will proceed to cruise around the nearby islands, including San Giorgio Maggiore, San Servolo, San Lazzaro degli Armeni and Lido of Venice, as well as other smaller islets of the lagoon, admiring their landmarks.
A unique city like Venice deserves unique experiences! Venice is a place that everyone dreams of visiting at least once in life: its picturesque canals, its islands and its fascinating ancient history make it a unique city in the world, pervaded by a timeless romantic charm.

Live Venice at the sunset, a moment when the city looks even more beautiful

Throughout the tour of Venice from a motorboat, you will eXPerience the authentic atmosphere of this unique city, passing along its canals and under some of the hundreds of bridges, seeing the life of its people and the constant rumble of tourists and visitors.
You will get to see the old Shipyard of Venice and other attractions, a truly unforgettable memory from this trip. You will also stop to take in the fascinating view of Venice at sunset, a unique sight for anyone, making this tour simply overwhelming. If there is a thing to do in Venice for all people visiting, this sunset tour in a motorboat must be it!

Other eXPeriences in Venice

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