Semi-private tour of Sanctuaries and Franciscan sites in Assisi surroundings

Semi-private tour of Sanctuaries and Franciscan sites in Assisi surroundings

3 h
Day Trips & Excursions
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Semi-private Guided tour of Franciscan sites in Assisi surroundings

With this semi-private tour, spend a special day immersed in the authentic spirituality of St. Francis sites in Umbria region, in Assisi and surroundings. A guide wil be with you the whole eXPerience!

One day tour to Sanctuaries in Assisi surroundings highlights: 

  • Explore the religious Franciscan sites with a guide
  • Enjoy the quiet atmosphere of sanctuaries around Assisi
  • Admire the Porziuncola, inside the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli
  • Relax with a transportation service
  • Get ready to spend a special day

One day tour to Sanctuaries in Assisi surroundings

Assisi is worldwide known to be the center of spirituality in Italy, where St. Francis built his religious order based on the simple massage of humility and charity, he dedicated his life to poor and marginalized people. During this special semi-private day trip you will have the chance to get a sense of the saint’s contemplative spirit.

Visit Porziuncola and Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli

Apart from the great crowd of St. Francis Basilica (which is of course a mandatory visit in Assisi) an unmissable stop is Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli. It is a majestic building, one of the biggest Christian church and it was built around the original ancient church named Porziuncola.
This is one of the most significant monuments for the Franciscan order: in the Porziuncola St. Francis had his vocation and after that he restored the little church which became one of its favorite places. 
Your guide will explain you all the legends and historic facts connected to this special place: you will learn everything about the life of St. Francis and the important role that the Portiuncola had in every step of his vocation and also with the construction of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

San Damiano church near Assisi

Another stop of this special day trip will take you in the south of Assisi, at San Damiano church which also hosts a monastery. This was the stage of another important event in St. Francis life: here he received the exhortation from God to restore the Church and its faith – probably the entire Catholic Church.
Later on, the Church became the home of the monastery of Saint Clare. You will be surprised not only for the artworks that decorate the Church, but also for the quiet and peaceful atmosphere surrounding this place, which is off the touristic beaten path. After the explanations of the guide, you will have some time for you to live at best this deep spiritual moment.

Eremo delle carceri, Mount Subasio

It will be then time to visit the Eremo of the Carceri, located on the Mount Subasio, just outside the city of Assisi. Here, in this silent place St Francis and the other monks used to meditate and pray. The building is immersed in the nature of the Mount Subasio and according to the legend, there were some miracles by St. Francis. 
You will see the “grotto of Saint Francis” where he used to pray and sleep on a stone bed in the time spent there. Thanks to this amazing tour you will spend a special day in the company of your expert guide.

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