Private tour of Volterra, following "Twilight" movie locations

Private tour of Volterra, following "Twilight" movie locations

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Private guided tour of Volterra, following "Twilight" movie locations

Join our tour of Volterra and discover this wonderful medieval hill town with ancient origins that has been the location of the second volume of the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer. Explore with us the wonders of this mysterious town, eternally suspended between historical truth and legend.

Private tour of Volterra, following "Twilight" movie locations highlights: 

  • Explore the town of Volterra, one of Tuscany’s most evocative hill towns.
  • A unique eXPerience through the locations of Stephanie Meyer’s novel, “Twilight New Moon”.
  • The historic centre of Volterra, filled with tiny medieval alleys and narrow streets, exudes history and mystery at every corner.
  • An excellent opportunity to visit the austere Palazzo dei Priori and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view.
  • Whether or not you are a fan of “Twilight”, you are going to love Volterra and its magical aura!

This guided tour of Volterra will take you to discover not only its artistic and historical treasures, some of which date back to the Etruscan times, but you will also learn about its most mysterious sides… those that have caught the imagination of the bestseller author Stephenie Meyer, after discovering its existence, she decided to use the town of Volterra in “New Moon”, the second episode of the Twilight saga.
Led by our expert guide explore Volterra, and beready to breathe its magical aura. Walls and narrow alleys, majestic buildings and nature: each element is reminiscent of a glorious time, made of history and breathtaking views. Great poets and illustrious artists have crossed the streets of Volterra and have found inspiration from the emerald rolling hills that surround the city. Only a town so picturesque could have been the ideal setting of the Twilight saga: a story about impossible love, mysteries and epic battles.
Our Twilight tour of Volterra begins with the entrance to the historic centre through the Etruscan gateway called Porta all’Arco. From here, you are immediately thrown into a dense atmosphere of mystery that will take you to the narrow Vicolo Mazzoni: in this small and steep alley there is also the manhole where Edward and Bella (protagonists of the saga) stop for a passionate kiss, a crucial scene for all the fans of Twilight and for those who want to relive that romantic atmosphere.
From Vicolo Mazzoni we will head to Piazza dei Priori, a square that has been for centuries the political heart of the city, where also stands the austere Palazzo dei Priori, the oldest palace of its style in Tuscany. Inside the building, among the walls frescoed with bright colors, take place other important events of the novel. Also, from its windows you can have a look of the city roofs on which, at night, the Meyer’s vampires used to twirl.
This exciting tour of Volterra offers you the unique opportunity to learn about the history and origins of the city, not to mention the literary traces left in the last years by the Twilight saga: a fun and original way to travel and discover this Tuscany’s gem, not only for Twilight’s fans!

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