60 Minutes Ferrari test drive in Maranello

60 Minutes Ferrari test drive in Maranello

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Ferrari test drive for 65 km in 60 minutes

This one in a lifetime Ferrari Test Drive is designed to give you the best 60 minutes of your life. You will not only get a chance to enjoy life aboard a Ferrari, you also get to view amazing sights on the hills close to Maranello.

Drive a Ferrari in Maranello highlights: 

  • The best opportunity for you to discover Maranello and its beautiful environs
  • Enjoy a 60 minute ride on a Luxurious Ferrari Car
  • Admire the villages of Castelvetro and Puianello
  • Enjoy amazing sights on the hills and ravines
  • Feel like a real pilot for one hour!

Drive a Ferrari in Maranello

The Ferrari test drive, which is scheduled to take place for 60 minutes, is one trip you will never forget in a hurry. You will enjoy a test ride aboard one of Ferrari’s luxury car collections and also admire amazing landscapes and locations around Maranello, on Modena hills.

Like a pilot in Maranello

This 70 minute test drive is the best option either if you are a car passionate or if you like special activities and adventures. You will arrive in Maranello, the heart of Ferrari, where it is designed and produced to keep being one of the most iconic symbols of Made in Italy art. You will try a fune and safe test drive, which is also a great opportunity to admire the surrounding landscapes and attractions.

60 minutes Ferrari test drive

The Ferrari test drive will cover a distance of around 65 km in about 1 hour in Maranello. It will start from the Ferrari Museum Square, passing through historic sites of Maranello factory, like the Wind Gallery and other important points connected to Ferrari factory. You will feel like a real pilot while testing the motor and the equiment of this high end car, popular all over the world. 

Modena hills

During the Ferrari Test Drive in Maranello, you will get the chance to stop and take pictures of the beautiful scenery whenever you wish. In fact, you will also go outside the factory to drive along the beautiful hills around Modena, passing through the charming villages of Castelvetro e Puianello.
At the ehnd of the Ferrari test drive, you can buy video or pictures of yourself driving. Your friends and family will be happy to watch the beautiful video with you later of this beautiful eXPerience!

More Ferrari eXPeriences 

We also have a shorte test drive: 30 minutes Ferrari test drive. If you need transportation, check the private transfer from Modena to Maranello.
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