30 Minutes Ferrari test drive in Maranello

30 Minutes Ferrari test drive in Maranello

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min 30
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difficulty Medium
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Get on board a Ferrari in Maranello

This is the perfect time for you to join the bandwagon and enjoy an uninterrupted 30 minutes Ferrari Test Drive round Maranello. This will be the perfect opportunity to test drive a Ferrari and live an incredible eXPerience!

Ferrari test drive in Maranello highlights: 

  • The perfect opportunity to enjoy a Ferrari Test Drive in Maranello
  • Memorable 30 minutes trip that you will never forget
  • Get a chance to ride aboard a Ferrari
  • Feel the emotion of driving like a real pilot
  • Get your video and photos at the end of the trip

Ferrari test drive in Maranello

This test drive will help you to eXPerience the thrills and excitements that comes with riding in one of the most luxurious cars in the world, the Ferrari, just where it was designed and produced: the Maranello factory

Take a Ferrari ride round Maranello

If you ever find yourself on a short time visit to Maranello, then you should not miss this 30 minute Ferrari Test Drive. It was created to afford short time visitors enjoy the thrills that Maranello offers. This trip is therefore designed to help you enjoy your time in Maranello aboard a live Ferrari Ride. It will be much more than a test drive: it will be pure emotion and adrenalin.

30 minutes like a pilot

The half hour incredible Ferrari test ride will treat you in the best way you can ever imagine. The ride will start from Ferrari Museum Square in Maranello: during the 30 minutes, you will pass places like the Race department building, the Ferrari Factory premises, and the wind tunnel. The ride will also take you through the hills that are close to Castelvetro village and Lambrusco area, where the famous wine is produced. After about 30 minutes, you will return to the starting point.

Keep the memories from your trip

Every moment from your 30 minute Ferrari test drive in Marinello will be filmed and captured. So, at the end of tour test drive, you will have the opportunity to buy the videos and photos. It is an incredible eXPerience that you will keep with you for the rest of your life! We are sure you cannot wait to show your friends and family the pictures of this adventure! 

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