Cooking class in Taormina

Cooking class in Taormina

3 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Local Cooking class in Taormina

Bread, macaroni, meat or fish dishes: these are the delicacies you will be able to prepare thakts to the chef's advices during the cooking class in Taormina. You can also taste Sicilian cheeses and cold cuts, accompanied by the exquisite wine of Etna.

Sicilian Cooking class in Taormina highlights: 

  • Have fun with a cooking class in Taormina
  • Visit the colorful fish and fruit market of Taormina
  • Follow the tips of the the chef
  • Taste the dishes you prepared
  • Enjoy Taormina with Sicilian delicacies

Sicilian Cooking class in Taormina

Welcome to Sicily! With this Cooking Class in Taormina, you will learn how to cook the sicilian recipes, a tradition that shows traces of all cultures that have existed on the island of Sicily over the last two millennials. Take note of the chef's secret and then taste the prepared dishes accompanied by the local wine.

Cooking Class in Taormina

Taormina is a romantic and picturesque tourist destination situated above Mount Tauro like a real panoramic terrace! Luxury and gourmet resort rich in tradition and history but also famous for the spectacular Greek Theater with a superb view over the sea and Etna. Enter one of the historic restaurants and get ready to discover the secrets of the Sicilian culinary tradition,which is an important part of your trip to Sicily, if you want to know everything about Sicilian culture. 

Join a Market tour before cooking

The cooking class begins to visit the fish market and the fruit market in Taormina, exploring a picturesque side of the posh Taormina ciy centre. After a coffee break, you will receive an apron and a notebook to write the tips of the chef during the lesson. An expert  English-speaking chef who knows the secrets of Sicilian cuisine will guide you step by step in the preparation of some dishes.

Taste the Sicilian cuisine

Learn the preparation of bread, homemade macaroni, and other typical Sicilian dishes with meat or fish. Once you have removed the bread from the oven, you will taste Sicilian cheeses and salami, accompanied by the exquisite wine of Etna. At the end of the lesson, enjoy the dishes prepared in the splendid setting of Taormina. You will also receive a certificate of participation to remember the traditional cooking lesson in Taormina.

Other food eXPeriences in Sicily 

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