Group Tour of the Vatican with Access to Vatican Gardens, Sistine Chapel and Bramante Staircase

Group Tour of the Vatican with Access to Vatican Gardens, Sistine Chapel and Bramante Staircase

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Visit Vatican Gardens and Bramante Staircase in the Vatican Museums with our Guided Group Tour

Vatican Guided Tours: this Vatican guided walking tour includes convenient skip-the-line tickets to all the must-see Vatican sites - including the Vatican Gardens, Vatican Museums, St Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel - as well as a rare chance to view areas normally off-limits to the public!

Group visit to the Vatican with Access to Sistine Chapel and Vatican Gardens highlights: 

  • Skip the line with this Group Tour of the Vatican with Access to Sistine Chapel and visit Vatican Gardens
  • Receive rare, exclusive access to the Bramante Staircase, a relic of the 16th century which is normally closed to the public
  • Marvel at St Peter's Basilica and see the stunning Sistine Chapel with its Michelangelo's frescoes
  • Take a tranquil stroll through the idyllic Vatican Gardens, another area normally closed to the public
  • Admire art in the Vatican Museum, one of the greatest art collections in the world which includes masterpieces by Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio and more

Group visit to the Vatican with Access to Sistine Chapel and Vatican Gardens

Group Tour of the Vatican City with access to Sistine Chapel and Vatican Gardens: escape the hustle and bustle of Rome for a magical journey through centuries of art and the peaceful Vatican Gardens. Visit Saint Peter's Basilica, one of the world's largest churches, and experience the Vatican Museums, home to one of the largest art collections in the world. Additionally, on this  all-access tour you will receive a rare chance to view areas normally closed to the public, like the fantastic sixteenth century Bramante Staircase and the Vatican Gardens.

A unique tour that will give you access to visit Vatican Gardens

Escaping the throngs of Vatican visitors for a relaxing stroll in the sprawling Vatican Gardens is a distinct advantage of this all-access tour. Established during the Renaissance and Baroque era, these gardens are full of fountains and flora and adorned with sculptures, like different Marian images, the monument to Saint Peter or the Jubilee 2000 Bell. 
The general public is prohibited to enter these exquisite gardens covering half of Vatican City's territory, so feast your eyes on a splendid sight that remains unseen by many, with our guided tour of the Vatican gardens.
Visit the Bramante Staircase and the Sistine Chapel
While the elegant Bramante Staircase is normally closed to the public, it is open to us! During our time in the Vatican Museums, we'll enter the Pio-Clementine museum and stroll off the beaten path to enjoy this exclusive opportunity. Built from stone in 1512, the dizzying double-helix staircase is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your tour.
Another unique aspect of this tour is the sight of St. Peter's Basilica from an unconventional viewpoint. Right before you skip the line and head toward the hallowed halls of the Vatican Museum, you'll catch a fantastic glimpse of the dome. We won't give away any more spoilers now, but be sure to have your camera ready!

Admire the masterpieces of art inside the Vatican Museums 

Stand in the annals of history and experience the remarkable spirit of the Renaissance as you enter the Vatican Museum. The Museum's extensive art collection represents the pinnacle of artistic achievement and includes works by Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, and other artistic giants.
Marvel at frescoes, sculptures, and the amazing artwork by Michelangelo adorning the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, a striking sight in its own right, already part of the Unesco heritage that you will admire during our tour of the museums of Vatican City State. Our half-day journey will end at St. Peter's Basilica, where you can explore one of the world's most iconic churches.

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