Tour of the Vatican, Christian Churches and Catacombs with pick-up

Tour of the Vatican, Christian Churches and Catacombs with pick-up

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Tour of Christian Rome, with skip the line tickets and pick-up

Explore Vatican City - a beautiful center of history, art and spirituality - with a knowledgeable guide. Receive special skip-the-line tickets to visit iconic museums, monuments and well-known Roman churches steeped in history. Venture underground for a unique tour of the stunning Roman Catacombs.

Christian Rome: Visit the Vatican, Christian Churches and Catacombs with pick-up highlights: 

  • Experience the best Tour of the Vatican, Christian Churches and Catacombs with pick-up
  • Receive exlusive skip-the-line tickets to the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and more
  • Scale the Scala Santa, Rome's famous Holy Steps
  • Marvel at the beautiful Basilicas of Saint John and Saint Mary Maggiore
  • Descend into the amazing Catacombs underneath Rome for an unparalleled glimpse at Early Christianity

Christian Rome: Visit the Vatican, Christian Churches and Catacombs with pick-up

Visit Vatican City, Christianity's most sacred site and a center of history and art that is unlike anywhere else in the world. This unique group tour includes hotel pick-up,  a delicious lunch and exclusive skip-the-line tickets to the most important areas within the Vatican complex, including the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and Saint Peter's Basilica. Visit two more beautiful churches, the Basilicas of Saint John and Saint Mary Maggiore, and then head underground to explore the timeworn Catacombs which lie beneath the city.

Explore the Vatican, including Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, with skip the line tickets

Start your day at the Vatican, a sprawling complex of over 2,000 rooms and chambers. Follow your guide, who will expertly navigate this maze of rooms and make sure you get to see all the best of what this holy site has to offer. Make your way through the Vatican Museums, home to one of the world's largest art collections, where you'll see artifacts from across the centuries next to masterpieces by Renaissance-era artistic geniuses like Michelangelo.
Next, move to the rest of the remarkable Vatican sights, including the Vatican Museum, the world-renowned Sistine Chapel, the famous St. Peter's Basilica, the Gallery of Maps, the Gallery of the Candelabra, the Gallery of Tapestries, the Chambers and Museum of Pio Clementino, and the Belvedere and Pigna courtyards among others. All the while, listen closely as your guide recounts the secrets of history hidden within these holy walls.

Visit some of the best churches in Rome, such as St. John in Lateran

Pause for a complimentary lunch before continuing on to more beautiful churches. First is the oldest of Rome's four major basilicas, the Basilica of Saint John in Lateran. This basilica is home to the famous Scala Santa, or Holy Steps, which are one of the most important locations for visitors who come to Rome on a holy pilgrimage.
Then, progress to the Basilica of Saint Mary Maggiore, the largest Catholic Marian church in Rome. This beautiful basilica is home to a fantastic collection of historic and religious artifacts as well as lovely 5th-century frescoes.

Discover the Roman Catacombs, for a unique experience in the heart of Rome

Finally, continue strolling along the iconic Appian Way and arrive at the ancient Catacombs of Rome. Head underground and explore these stunning subterranean cemeteries. Dating back to the 2nd century, these antiquated burial sites house amazing historic artwork. Listen as your guide explains how these hidden tombs help reveal the secrets of Early Christianity.

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