Tour of the Baroque Rome by Segway

Tour of the Baroque Rome by Segway

2 h
min 40
Tours on wheels
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Great value for money and a great way to spend your time in Rome.


Tour of the Baroque Rome by Segway

Discover the wonderful masterpieces of Baroque Rome with this unique tour. Join our Segway tour of Rome and see the best treasures of Baroque art and architecture in the city. Enjoy the great attractions of Rome made by Bernini and Borromini, the masters of baroque Rome, the eternal rivals.

Tour of the Baroque Rome by Segway highlights: 

  • Discover the most impressive masterpieces of baroque art in Rome.
  • Join our unique Segway tour of baroque Rome and discover the rivalry between Bernini and Borromini.
  • Get on board your eco-friendly and fun Segway for this marvelous tour of Rome.
  • Run away from the chaotic pace of the city and experience Rome in an ecological way.
  • An enchanting way to discover the main baroque attractions of Rome!

Tour of the Baroque Rome by Segway

The Baroque majesty of Rome on board of our Segways, the modern and ecological Roman chariots that has revolutionized the concept of urban mobility, with innovative and intuitive technology. 
Discover a Rome that you never knew about, the beauties of the Baroque art and architecture, all through the streets of the city. Enjoy the most beautiful attractions of Rome safely aboard your Segway, a true modern Roman chariot. 
Explore Rome with a Segway and let the charm of the city enchant you forever, understanding why Rome is called the eternal city, partly because it stays with you forever once you visit it.
You will retrace the main phases of the Baroque Style in Rome and will enjoy some of the masterpieces made by the two rivals genius artists, Bernini and BorrominiPiazza Barberini, with its wonderful Tritone FountainTrevi Fountain, the Barcaccia in Piazza di Spagna and the Quattro Fiumi Fountain in the famous Piazza Navona. Enjoy the main squares and fountains of Rome, examplar monuments of the Roman Baroque Style. 
On board of our Segways you will run away from the city chaos and live Rome in an ecological and fun way. We have created the perfect tour of Rome that combines the touching art of the baroque style with the modern technology of the fun Segway.

Other ways to visit Rome's best attractions!

In addition to our Segway tour, ItalyXP offers several other ways to explore the baroque masterpieces of Rome: the classic Bike Tour, for the sporty ones; the Vespa Tour, for those who want to relive the atmosphere of the movie "Vacanze Romane"; and finally, the legendary Vintage Tour by Fiat 500, to experience the thrill of traveling aboard an icon of the '60s!
Also, do not miss the other wonders of Rome by Segway, with the Tour of Renaissance Rome and the Tour of Imperial Rome!

Reviews of Tour of the Baroque Rome by Segway

Reviewed by janeelliott56 from United Kingdom

Excellent, would definitely recommend

Had a fantastic time on this tour would recommend to anyone visiting. Great value for money and a great way to spend your time in Rome.
Reviewed by elizabethmcLeeds from

So good we went twice!

This was one of the best sightseeing tours we have ever been on, and we've been on a few. Nearly 3 hours of the wonderful sights of Rome, I have never seen so much in a City in one go. Took about 5 minutes to get used to Segway but staff are lovely and really helpful. Once on our way, we were lucky to be the only one's one the tour, we were given the choice of how we wanted to spend out time, bombing round on Segway or stopping off to go and spend more time at the various sights. We decided to bomb round as in Rome for 2 weeks. We felt completely safe, which is surprising giving the way people drive around Rome. This is a must, so much so we booked for the next week too, and again, it was brilliant. A big thank you and we will definitely do it again.
Reviewed by Alistair W from United Kingdom


Well what can I say? AWESOME!!!!! This made our trip to Rome. OK there are a bit of nerves to start with, but the guys are so reassuring, and talk to you all the time, pointing out the sites and telling you where they are going or doing. They had a planned route, but were happy to make alterations if we wanted,and linger for as long as we want. These guys need to be on everyone's itinerary who wants to see Rome properly. At the end of the tour they dropped us at their recommended restaurant. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by Tracy C from United States

So much fun!

If you are lucky enough to have Fedora as your Ape Calessino tour guide you'll have a blast. We chose the Baroque Rome tour. This is a very fun way to quickly see the major tourist spots in Rome. Fedora will also make sure that you have some excellent gelato and can suggest an incredible restaurant! This was so much fun because you are quickly taken from one spot to the next. You'll be driven on both the main roads and small back roads so you really feel like you've wandered Rome. You are given plenty of time to hop off, walk around and take your photos at each location. This was a perfect way for us to begin our visit to Rome. Also at each stop you have your own headset with info for each site. Loved the tour and Fedora. She was a delight with an extra bonus of perfect english!