Guided Tour of the Colosseum by night to discover the Imperial Rome

Guided Tour of the Colosseum by night to discover the Imperial Rome

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Visit in Rome of the Colosseum by night with an expert guide

The Colosseum is a compulsory stop on any Roman itinerary, but night visits make this place even more special. Join this guided tour and get exclusive access to the Colosseum with an expert guide. Immerse yourself in this living museum and relive the age of gladiators and emperors.

Night Tour of the Colosseum for small groups highlights: 

  • Visit the Colosseum at night and discover its unique magic
  • Visit the Capitol Hill and admire the Bronze Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius
  • Admire the most famous attraction of Rome under the light of the moon and get ready to be amazed from a panoramic view
  • Learn the story of the Colosseum with a professional tour guide
  • Visit the arena floor, where animals and gladiators used to fight

Night Tour of the Colosseum for small groups

Experience the magnificence of Rome’s Colosseum on a one and a half hour night tour. Glide past the never-ending queues with our skip the line tickets to the the mighty arena!

Visit the Colosseum at night, with no crowd

Learn more about the Colosseum’s glorious history, and hear stories about the emperors’ deeds. Enjoy the unique experience of the Colosseum bathed in twilight during this ninety-minute walking tour.
It would be inexcusable to visit Rome and miss out on this world famous monument, though with our special excursion, you will truly have the chance to see Rome’s legendary sightseeing highlight in a different light.

Get full access to the exclusive Underground level of Colosseum 

Your tour will start with the visit of the Capitol Hill, designed by Michelangelo, where you will admire the Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius. After a panoramic view of Rome and of the Colosseum, you will cross the famous Via dei Fori Imperiali and you will get to the main attraction of your tour: the so-called Anfiteatro Flavio.
Skip the long lines to enter the mightiest arena of the Roman Age and walk along hidden paths with your specialized english speaking guide.
Only once you are inside can you truly get a feel for the magnitude of the structure, a genuine masterpiece of Roman architecture that still stands proud even two thousand years after its construction.

Learn more about the Colosseum with a professional tour guide

The Colosseum's history and background are just as fascinating as the structure itself. This stunning arena has been the site of some of the goriest leisure moments in the history of the empire, unthinkable now but at the it was an essential centrepiece for any significant celebration.
During the trip, you will learn about famous and infamous Roman emperors, and the bloody and cruel gladiatorial contests of the Flavian Amphitheatre at a more relaxed time of day. Hear about public spectacles, mock battles, and much more. What better way to delight in one of Rome’s many magic spots by allowing us to make the experience even more special for you. 

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We did the Colosseum night tour, it was incredible and worth every cent!! Our guide was great, she was full of information. :) Thank you.