Private Panoramic Tour of Rome by Ape Calessino

Private Panoramic Tour of Rome by Ape Calessino

3 h
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difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Simply the best way to see such a beautiful city.

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Exclusive Panoramic Tour in Rome city centre by Ape Calessino

Discover Rome like never before, with a unique panoramic tour to explore the Eternal City. Avoid the heat and the long walks and climb aboard the Ape Calessino, an eccentric way to have fun in Rome while visiting its most important attractions. 

Private panoramic eXPerience in the city centre of Rome by Ape Calessino highlights: 

  • Unique tour to discover Rome and its magnificent views
  • The Ape Calessino is a classic Italian vehicle, perfect for the streets of Rome
  • Jump aboard this stylish Italian vehicle and explore the historic centre!
  • An unusual tour of Rome, offering a fun way to see the city
  • A great eXPerience of discovery in Rome for all travelers

Private panoramic eXPerience in the city centre of Rome by Ape Calessino

The magical Rome can be discovered in an impressive number of way, but there are some that are strictly an Italian Affair. Take this unique opportunity to see the city on board the Ape Calessino, an Italian classic from the 60s.

Enjoy the historic centre of Rome on board an Ape Calessino

What could be best than leaving to discover the private Grand Tour of Rome onboard an Ape Calessino in this fun and unusual vehicle, a testament to the classic Italian and Mediterranean style. Journey the streets of Rome and discover the amazing sights of the old city, exploring like never before.
Among the great things to do in Rome, this has to be at the top over everyone's wish list. What could be more enticing than climbing aboard your Ape Calessino and venturing on the streets of Rome in search of history, culture and Christianity.

Experience Rome like never before

From the Imperial Forum to the impressive Colosseum, from the Arch of Constantine to the Circus Maximus, everything in Rome is simply stunning. You will also see the famous Tiber Island and the Gianicolo Hill, for unforgettable views of the city.
These are just a small part of all the beautiful Rome attractions you will see in this unique private tour of the city onboard an Ape Calessino. This is definitely one of the funniest activities in Rome, traveling in style with this unusual but charming little vehicle.

Discover Rome's most important landmarks

Step away from the hectic pace of the city and avoid the long walks in the sun, from one attraction to another. This unique private tour of Rome by Ape Calessino will certainly be one of the highlights of your trip to Rome.
On board a very nice Ape Calessino, you will discover the most fascinating places of the seven hills of Rome: Aventino, Campidoglio, Celio, Esquilino, Palatino, Quirinale and Viminale will have no more secrets for you thanks to this fantastic eXPerience!

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Reviews of Private Panoramic Tour of Rome by Ape Calessino

Reviewed by janeelliott56 from United Kingdom

Excellent, would definitely recommend

Had a fantastic time on this tour would recommend to anyone visiting. Great value for money and a great way to spend your time in Rome.
Reviewed by Cunninglittlehams from United States

Ape Tour on a day the city of shut down!”

I didn't know it when i booked the tour but it was the day of The Canonization of the Pope. Meaning that most of the sites we were to see were shut down and we couldn't reach them in the Ape Vespa. That being said our tour guide, Fedora and us made the best of it. She showed us as many places as she could on our tour list and added some from the other tours so that we could see more of Rome. It was a great time seeing the city in a different perspective and also being able to go see places off the beaten path, or that involve climbing by foot to higher altitudes. I liked a lot more driving to them:) The day threatening to rain so the top was on, but it was still nice seeing everything and knowing if it did rain we weren't gong to be soaked. 'The show must go on!' Fedora was great, she was very nice and accommodating. We probably enjoyed most just getting to talk with her about her culture and life in Rome. The old Roman cobblestones make for a bumpy ride at times, but we did have seat belts. My husband and i would defiantly do it again.
Reviewed by 231Paul1968 from United Kingdom

What a way to see Rome !!!”

The Ape Calessino tour really made our first trip to Rome extra special, our tour guide Fedora was absolutely fantastic, we really cannot recommend this highly enough, it's simply the best way to see such a beautiful city.
Reviewed by GregKarb from United States

Great Memories of Rome provided by Vespa Sightseeing Tours

After 3 walking tours of Rome, my wife and I wanted to relax and see Rome from a different perspective without using our feet. I booked the Panoramic Tour of Rome traveling in an Ape Calessino. FEDORA, our lovely, cordial and knowledgeable guide safely traversed through the crowded streets of Rome. She stopped along the way to allow us the opportunity to take photos at the various sights mapped out. We concluded our tour at the Janiculum Hill. Fedora popped open a few bottles of bubbly as my wife and I gazed over Rome from this vantage point. There was no better way to end our trip to Rome. Thank you Fedora for a great Rome experience we will never forget.