Wine Tasting the best experience in the Centre of Rome

Enogastronomic tour with Wine Tasting in the Centre of Rome

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Tasting the Italian Food and wine tour in the centre of Rome

Learn how to taste wine in the country which has achieved worldwide fame for its quality wines. Attend a wine tasting in a traditional Italian wine bar located at the 18th-century Palazzetto Giangiacomo. Savor fine wines paired with the perfect cheeses in the heart of Rome, Italy's Eternal City.

Wine Tasting the best experience in the Centre of Rome highlights: 

  • Sip exquisite regional wines in the heart of Rome
  • Learn the art of wine tasting and how to distinguish colors and perfumes
  • Sample delicious, gourmet regional cheeses specially selected to pair with your wine
  • Complement your beverage with premium meats, smoked fish, and other hot homemade dishes
  • Relax in a Roman ancient building, trading the busy city streets for some vino italiano

Experience the Italian way of living by embracing the country's most famous fermented beverage. This wine tasting experience will provide a typical Italian experience in an Enoteca, a traditional wine bar. Enjoy the elegant ambiance of the 18th-century Palazzetto Giangiacomo, home to our Enoteca of choice, in the heart of Rome.

A wine tasting experience in the centre of Rome

Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of this family-run wine bar. Started fifty years ago as a wine shop, it was transformed into one of Rome's best wine bars by the third generation. The shelves lining the bar are stocked with meticulously selected bottles from both prestigious and new wineries. Get ready to sample some of Italy's finest wines!
Learn from the best, as seasoned sommeliers will guide you through the steps of tasting wines. They will impart special techniques for drinking and tasting the wine, as well as teach you to note the distinctions between different aromas and colors. Pay attention, as this tips can come in handy for the rest of your time in Italy! Your hosts will make sure that you become acquainted with each wine before you sample it. Listen as they give an introduction, in English, of the area where each wine is produced.

Learn how to pair wines with food

Italian wines are known for their broad variety and Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing areas in the world. Many Italian wine growers, or viticoltori, have inherited refined knowledge of their craft as it was passed from generation to generation. Enjoy the unique fruits of their labor during this unforgettable wine tasting experience in Rome.
In addition to a selection of regional cheeses, you will have access to an array of smoked fish, premium ham and salami, and other warm, authentic Italian dishes for pairings. Highly recommended choices include Bellone, a white wine made from a little-known antique grape which pairs perfectly with ricotta cheese.

Discover the world of Italian wine and taste some typical food

For those looking for an extremely local flavor, we might recommend Frascati Superiore. This Roman white wine pairs impeccably with pecorino romano cheese. You may have even passed by its vineyards at some point in your travels, as it is grown just outside the Italian capital.
Though parings change throughout the seasons based on whatever is fresh at the time, you are guaranteed to find the perfect accompaniment to whichever wines you decide to indulge in!