Enogastronomic tour: Food and Wine Tasting in the Centre of Rome

Enogastronomic tour: Food and Wine Tasting in the Centre of Rome

2 h
min 30
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Accesible
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I would give this 10 stars if I could.


Small Group Italian Food and Wine Tasting in a Wine Bar in the Centre of Rome

Delight your senses with this wine and food tasting that leads right in the centre of Rome. Enjoy all of Italy's most renowned delicacies: wines, cheeses, meats, pastas, and more, all while guided by an expert sommelier determined to provide you the most captivating culinary experience ever.

Enogastronomic tour: local food and Wine Tasting in the Centre of Rome highlights: 

  • The tasting is held right in the center of Rome, at one of the cities’ most exclusive wine bars
  • Experience all of the delicacies for which Italy is renowned within one singular tour eXPerience
  • Taste separate and distinct wines are paired with equally delicious foods
  • The assistance of an expert sommelier, well-versed in creating the most delicious pairings of food and wine possible
  • Taste an incredible variety of Italian foods including meats, cheeses, pastas, and desserts

Enogastronomic tour: local food and Wine Tasting in the Centre of Rome

If you're fortunate enough to find yourself in Rome, ask yourself one question: could you forgive yourself for having passed up the opportunity to feast on some of the most delicious food and wine on Earth? That's exactly what you will be doing, should you choose to pass on this one-of-a-kind experience.

A food and wine tasting with an expert sommelier

Your expert sommelier will guide you on a short walking trip to one of the trendiest, most exclusive wine bars in Rome, right in the centre of the Eternal City, where a sumptuous repast awaits you. Various individually selected wines comprise this exclusive wine and food tasting event, each of which has been paired with a food designed to complement and enhance the flavors of both items. No one could disclose the secrets of the Italian food like an Italian himself!

Taste the autentic flavors of Italian Food

You'll learn all about where the ingredients used in Italian Cuisine and wine making come from, as well as the history and story behind the preparation of each dish you taste. The sommelier will also help to educate you on the science behind pairing wine with food. You'll learn not only that red meat goes best with reds and seafood with whites, but also why this is the case.

A wine and food tasting in one of the most exclusive wine bars in Rome

Moreover, you will experience this wine and food tasting in one of the most exlcusive wine bar in the centre of Rome, togheter with a small group of people: the best way to focus just on the food and wine experience, in a quiet and intimate atmosphere. You will feel like at home!
So come, join this exclusive food and wine tour, and taste the finest of what Italy has to offer. Good food, good wine, and good fun await you on this privately guided experience through the centre of Rome.

Best wine tasting in Rome!

You cannot wait to dive into the flavors of the Roman culinary traditions, but you are looking for an eXPerience that falls more in your budget? Join the Enogastronomic tour with Wine Tasting in the Centre of Rome.

Reviews of Enogastronomic tour: Food and Wine Tasting in the Centre of Rome

Reviewed by Rooney84 from United Kingdom

Amazing evening- perfect end to our trip

Me and my girlfriend spent our last night in Rome wine tasting and it could not have been better. The company and host were great! The food and wine was ace, plenty of choice and flavours. The food and wine pairings were great, although not all wines were to my taste I've learnt to appreciate the different aspects and flavours which come for the different regions and varietys. Recommend to anyone who likes food and drink.
Reviewed by Allyson W. from United States

Great wine and food!

We had a great time at the Wine and Food tasting. The experience was a lot of fun and the wine and food were amazing!! I highly recommend this experience! We learned a lot and enjoyed a great number of wine and food pairings. They were also willing to accommodate my dietary restrictions!
Reviewed by Peacorp from United Kingdom

If you like food and wine...

If you like food and wine, conversation and enthusiasm this is an excellent evening. A cross between a lecture and an evening with friends. Alessandro is an expert and imparts his knowllege with a humours ease that is accessable to all. We were a mixed group of serious drinkers and less enthusiastic drinkers that I had dragged along. However everyone enjoyed the whole evening as the food is as good as the wine, being servered throughout the evening to compliment the wine but easily standing on its own for those who can't drink 10 different wines.
Reviewed by Austin5280 from United States

GREAT TIME! Amazing food and wine!

I can't say enough about how great this was! First of all, the food and wine was delicious. Alessandro was very knowledgeable and a great host for the evening. It was also nice to hang out in a small setting and meet other travelers doing the same. You get to try several wines with some interesting pairings (mostly cheese, meats, and a nice pasta dish too). All around a great night, you cannot go wrong. I would give this 10 stars if I could.