Papal Audience with Pope Francis and walking tour in Vatican City

Papal Audience with Pope Francis and walking tour in Vatican City

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It was good and enjoy the whole activity.

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Papal Audience in the Vatican City and Walking Tour

Join this once in a lifetime eXPerience in Rome, a unique sightseeing tour with Papal audience. Discover the amazing heritage of Vatican City in a panoramic tour and attend one of the most fascinating religious events in the world, the weekly Papal audience in Vatican.

Walking tour of Vatican City and Papal Audience with Pope Francis highlights: 

  • Papal Audience with Pope Francis in Vatican City is a unique travel eXPerience in Rome
  • Guided walking tour of Vatican City
  • Attend the fascinating Papal mass of Vatican
  • Explore the marvels of Vatican and the religious festivities
  • Discover the secrets of Vatican area

Walking tour of Vatican City and Papal Audience with Pope Francis

There are truly few things in the world that can have such a big impact on travelers than seeing the marvels of Rome and having the unique opportunity to take part in the Papal Audience with Pope Francis in Vatican City.

A once in the life eXPerience: the Papal Audience in Rome

Each week, people from around the world gather in Saint Peter Square of Vatican and listen or simply attend the prayers and mass held by Pope Francis I himself.
Join the perfect combination of travel atonement and religious discovery, as you embark in a journey of more than two millennia of history and belief in Rome, the centre of the Catholic world. Start with an amazing short walking tour of Vatican City and continue with the exclusive Papal audience.

Admire the Vatican City with a short walking tour

Vatican has long been one of the greatly important religious destinations of the world, with millions coming each year for various reasons. Apart from being the residence of the Catholic Pope, Vatican is also a fascinating destination, right in the centre of Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
This unique eXPerience in Rome starts with an enchanting panoramic tour of Vatican City and its heritage. You will admire magnificent attractions of Rome on your road to Vatican, an enjoyable walking itinerary near the Vatican area, leading to Via della Conciliazione and to the Audience with Pope Francis. This will be the perfect introduction into the history and treasures of Rome.

Live the Papal Audience at the Vatican, an inspiring event

The second part of this unique activity in Rome will be the Papal Audience in Saint Peter Square of Vatican. Together with thousands and thousands of people from around the world, you will listen to the cardinals, chant prayers or simply watch this fascinating event, followed by the traditional Papal message and the mass prayer.
Take advantage of this unforgettable travel experience, a short walking tour of Rome with Papal Audience. It is the perfect way to understand the significance of Vatican and the Pope for the Catholic world*.
* From 1st November 2019, this tour will include headsets for big groups. At the end of the eXPerience, you will meet your tour leader (meeting point will be communicated the same day of the activity), to return the audio device. The meeting is mandatory. In case of missing audio devices, an additional charge of 80,00€ will be applied for each missing device.

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At St. Peter’s Square seeing the Pope.

It was good and enjoy the whole activity. Thank you .