Full-day small group excursion to Pompeii departing from Rome

Full-day small group excursion to Pompeii departing from Rome

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Skip the Line!Pick up included

Visit Pompeii ruins departing from Rome in one day

Join this full-day tour and visit the incredible Pompeii, departing from Rome. This small group guided tour will allow you to discover just in a few hours the history and the secrets of the ancient roman city buried under the hashes of the Vesuvius Volcano after its eruption in 79 AD!

Small Group Guided Tour to Pompeii from Rome with pick-up highlights: 

  • Join this full-day tour to Pompeii and depart comfortable from your centrally located hotel in Rome thanks to the pick-up service
  • Travel on our comfortable minivan, fully equipped
  • Visit the archaeological site in full relax, thanks to the skip-the-line tickets, accompanied by an expert guide
  • Discover the ancient roman city of Pompeii, which was submerged by the hashes of the eruption of Vesuvius Volcano in 79 AD
  • Explore glorious sites of ancient architecture, such as the amphitheater and the Temple of Isis before returning to Rome

Small Group Guided Tour to Pompeii from Rome with pick-up

Join this one-day small group tour and depart from Rome in order to visit the incredible archaeological site of Pompeii!
Wait comfortably in your centrally located hotel in Rome for the pick-up service. After meeting with the driver and the tour leader on board, you will be ready to leave Rome with a reduced group of people. After a 2 hours and a half drive, you will get to the incredible ruins of Pompeii. You will enter the site without any concern thanks to your skip-the-line tickets included and you will meet your expert guide, who will tell you everything about the history and the curiosities of the ancient roman town. After your guided tour, you will have free time in Pompeii before boarding back on your coach and return to Rome.

Discover the story of Pompeii and visit its ruins

Pompeii was a humble Roman village whose destiny was changed irrevocably one day back in the year 79 AD. It was during this year that the nearby volcano, Mt. Vesuvius erupted, completely burying Pompeii in a massive blast of lava and ash that sealed the village away, perfectly preserved, for almost two thousand years. There are indications that the amount of ash which originally covered the city was in excess of 20 feet tall.

Visit the excavations of Pompeii, one of the most renowned areas in the world

In 1748, excavations began in the area, and since then numerous sections of the town have been uncovered and preserved. The city is rich is frescos, art objects, and some of the most well-preserved buildings of the time period that you can find anywhere in the world. In fact, excavations are still ongoing and there are many mysteries left to be uncovered in the buried city. You will have the possibility to visit also the famous Villa of the Mysteries, the Anphitheater, the House of the Faun and the plaster casts.

Return to Rome in the afternoon after visiting the archaeological excavations

Pompeii is one of only two sites in the entire world (the other being Herculaneum) where a visitor from modern times is literally able to step into the past, and experience what a Roman town was like nearly two thousand years ago. If ever you are in Rome, you owe it to yourself to see this fantastic and awe-inspiring sight. Choose this full-day excursion with guided visit of Pompeii if you want to explore this magic archaeological site in just one day and in the most comfortable way, avoiding all the stress!

More day trips to visit Pompeii 

If you are looking for a more exclusive experience, including just the visit of the archaeological site, check out our Two hours private walking tour around Pompeii archaeological site! If you are in Campania region and you would like to visit both Pompeii and Herculanum, check out this Small Group Tour to visit Herculaneum and Pompeii, departing from Sorrento!

Reviews of Full-day small group excursion to Pompeii departing from Rome

Reviewed by WY01 from

Reliable and Comfortable Pompeii Shuttle.

We took the Pompeii Shuttle in July. The shuttle was clean and air-conditioned. I want to especially thank our guide Giovanni! After visiting Pompeii, we were cutting too close getting back to the bus. I am very directionally challenged and had troubles finding the bus parking lot. We were about 10-15 minutes late and I thought for sure the bus had left. We were so relieved when we saw Giovanni! He actually left the bus parking lot to look for us outside. Thank you!
Reviewed by Doc42travel from United States

Wonderful experience

Went on the day trip to pompei. The coach was clean and comfy and Inger our rep was friendly. She also organised a guided tour for us when we arrived. All in all it was a fantastic experience & miles cheaper than taking two trains!!!
Reviewed by Amanda Marie I from United States

Pompeii shuttle

After not being able to book a tour on short notice, my boyfriend and I were looking for a way to get from Rome to Pompei for a day. The train seemed like a hassle, and long thanks to a transfer in Naples. The shuttle, which meets near the train station, costs less than the train would have. The ride is in a comfortable coach bus. The shuttle only stops once each for a stretch/coffee/bathroom break (not a tourist trap trying to sell you stuff). The bus drops you off at the ticket both for Pompei, and lets you explore on your own for a few hours before making the return trip to Rome. Our tour guide, Jeanette, was friendly, and gave some tips and info on touring Pompei before we arrived at the site. Overall a great experience.
Reviewed by Maria299 from Ireland

Day trip to Pompeii

We went on a day trip this May from Rome to Pompeii . We are an Irish family with two children aged 12 and 13. We thoroughly enjoyed the day. The journey took less than three hours by air conditioned comfortable coach with a short stop on the way for coffee etc. The guide on the bus filled us in on some Pompeii information and actually walked us all to the entrance. We had 4 and a half hours in Pompeii and used the audio guide which we purchased on admission. Children under 18 are admitted free of charge if you have E.U. ID. It was the highlight of our holiday and we were back in Rome before 7pm. We would recommend this tour!