VIP Small Group Cooking Class and tour of Historic Bottegas Food in Florence

VIP Small Group Cooking Class and tour of Historic Bottegas Food in Florence

6 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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VIP Guided tour of Oltrarno Bottegas and cooking lesson with an Italian chef in Florence

Join this VIP hands-on cooking class in Florence which will leave you advancingly more knowledgeable on authentic Tuscan cuisines. You will pass through the Florentine ancient long history of Bottegas, where you will taste some gourmet ingredients before getting ready fro the cooking class!

VIP Cooking Class with a chef and Florence Historic Bottegas Food Tour in VIP Small Group highlights: 

  • A cooking class in Florence to learn the specialties of the Tuscan cuisine with a professional and qualified Italian Chef
  • Discover the secrets in making dishes such as Potato Gnocchi, hand-made Pesto sauce, eggplant Parmigiana and Cantuccini
  • Visit the ancient and long history of Florence’s Bottegas, while learning how to taste and buy the freshest ingredients
  • Take this opportunity to stroll through the busy streets of Oltrarno, visiting the lively vibrant Italian markets
  • Last but not least, enjoy tasting your home-cooked meal at the end of the class!

VIP Cooking Class with a chef and Florence Historic Bottegas Food Tour in VIP Small Group

In this most popular cooking class in Florence, this VIP Cooking Class will provide you with the experience, knowledge and love for the Italian cooking and taste. Your highly qualified, experienced Chef will lead you through from choosing the freshest ingredients to the secrets of preparing Tuscan gourmets. Depending on the seasons, the cooking menu may vary but everything will be made from scratch! You will be also taken to the streets of Oltrano, visiting the Bottegas of Florence.

Tuscan Gourmets in Florence

Florence is known for its delicious Tuscan culinary traditions. Most Florentine dishes are made from scratch using traditional cooking methods and tools. Florence is famous for its antipasti along with different varieties of wood oven cooked bread, Cantuccini, salami and finocchiona, schiacciata, ribollita and many others. "Cantuccini" is the most famous dessert biscuits of the Tuscan region and dipping them into "vinsanto" sweet wine, is a must experience!

Food tour in Fiorentine Bottegas

Your experience will start with the food tour in the Oltrarno Bottegas in the centre of Florence, accompained by your professional chef. Bottegas are known as a workshop or a studio, wherein the Italians have a knack for keeping their family honed secret recipes to themselves. Here, we will be given the opportunity to taste and try samples of different family recipes handed down from generations. Learn the many varieties of typical Tuscan gourmets. Following your professional and experienced Chef, stroll through the old town discovering the fascinating authentic historic Bottegas where you will learn about and taste some gourmet typical Tuscan products, as well as buying some of the freshest ingredients you will need for the recipes in your cooking class.

VIP Cooking Master Class

After the tour of the historic bottegas, you will reach the incredible and exclusive location for your hands-on cooking class, right in the heart of Florence. Wear your apron and start listening to the Chef: you will prepare with him a delicious lunch like a true Italian. As the experienced and passionate Italian chef guides you through a hands-on cooking class, you will learn multiple Italian secrets and traditional cooking techniques. Your chef will take you to prepare a full Italian lunch, with dishes that may vary according to the season or the availability, but the menu can be the following: hand made Potato Gnocchi, with a creamy pesto sauce (prepared only manually, no kitchen robots here! ). As second course a tasty eggplant Parmigiana and of course, the class will not be complete without knowing the Cantuccini recipe, the typical Tuscan dessert, to be eaten along with the vinsanto. At the end of the class you will of course eat your own dishes, paired with excellent Tuscan wines!  

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