2-hour Guided Group Tour of Herculaneum with an archaeologist

2-hour Guided Group Tour of Herculaneum with an archaeologist

2 h
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2-hour tour of Herculaneum with skip-the-line tickets and archaeologist guide

This 2-hour Guided Group Tour of Herculaneum  you will discover the ancient town of Herculaneum. Take a trip round this tragic site with an Archeologist who will guide you throughout the tour. There is no better way to explore the site!

2-hour Guided Group tour of Herculaneum with professional archaeologist highlights: 

  • Exclusive two hour group tour of Herculaneum
  • Get to know about the history behind this amazing ancient website
  • Take a walk round the streets of Herculaneum
  • Learn about ancient Roman times with an expert archaeologist
  • Explore the crystal clear beauty that Herculaneum has to offer

2-hour Guided Group tour of Herculaneum with professional archaeologist

This is one of the most exciting adventures you will ever embark on. As long as you are in Naples or Campania region, the 2-hour Guided Group Tour of Herculaneum should be on your to-do list. Your trip will not be complete without a visit to this historic site. With Skip-the-Line Tickets, you will get an exclusive entrance to this historic location.

Discover the hidden city of Herculaneum

This 2-hour Guided Group Tour of Herculaneum will help you to explore the history of this tragic destination which was buried under Mount Vesuvius for a very long period. If you want to learn about the history of this old city, our group tour will help you to achieve that.
You will access easily with the skip the line tickets included in the tour and you will be guided by a professional Archeologist who will be ready to tell you all that you need to know about the once thriving city that got destroyed by an earthquake.

Visit Historic Sites in Herculaneum

The 2-hour Guided Group Tour of Herculaneum will take you through some of the historic places in the city. You will visit the Waterfront where more than 300 inhabitants of the city died, you will also see the Samnite house, thermal bath, the Gym, house of Neptune, and the great Temple of the Augustales.
Always considered the "younger sister" of Pompeii, as it is smaller and less known, Herculaneum was located nearby the sea: because of its location and its beautiful views, it was conceived as a resort for the rich Romans of the area, whose presence is testified by lots of archaeological remains.

An experience you will not forget

Your 2-hour Guided Group eXPerience at Herculaneum will be intense, no doubt. You will not only see and feel the stones, marbles, and ceramics, you will also see some attractive paintings than the one you will find at Pompeii.
The plus of this tour is certainly the fact that it is lead by an expert archaologist, who will be ready to answer all of your questions about the history of the ancient site, along with anedoctes and art details. At the end of the tour you will have the chance to stay inside the site keep strolling around on your own.

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