Half-day Excursion and shopping in Positano departing from Sorrento with pick-up

Half-day Excursion and shopping in Positano departing from Sorrento with pick-up

4 h
min 30
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Half-day tour in Positano and Amalfi Coast from Sorrento

On this half-day tour in the beautiful Positano from Sorrento, you will uncover its majestic, unique beauty, and the reasons it's considered one of Italy's most valuable gems. Undoubtedly, Amalfi Coast is the most splendid and scenic coast, filled with color, and it has a particular, vibrant mood!

Visit the Enchanting Positano from Sorrento with pick-up included highlights: 

  • Allow yourself to be charmed by the precariously-parched pastel houses, which contribute to the Mediterranean charm of the town
  • Grasp the endless beauty of Amalfi Coast’s spectacular view over the crystal clear sea and get enchanted by the most beautiful sunset
  • Enjoy a good shopping session, as Positano offers visitors an excellent array of charming boutiques
  • Look beyond the typical Italian facades and fashion stores, and uncover the real southern feeling of the village
  • Admire the silky beaches and get ready to understand why Positano is acknowledged as the “gem of the divine coast"

Visit the Enchanting Positano from Sorrento with pick-up included

With this fantastic half-day tour you will leave from your hotel in the center of Sorrento with the pick-up service included. You will have the chance to go from Sorrento to Positano, onboard a comfortable transfer, passing for the Amalfi Coast, for an afternoon of incredible views, relax and shopping!

Divulge the heart and vibe of Positano

You will depart from Sorrento: as you travel along Amalfi Coast's road, you will be able to stare at the endless beauty of the landscape. Imagine the view overlooking the Mediterranean Sea as the road turns its way towards vibrant Positano.
Discover the heart of this enchanting town at your own pace, taking your time as you walk on the steep, colorful streets. A unique selection of good looking hotels and smart restaurants is aligned for you to admire. The facades are, indeed, beautiful, and if you're an admirer of the Mediterranean lifestyle, which is described as easy going and relaxed, here – in Positano – you will feel renewed. The abundance of colorful flowers will make you feel as if you're walking in the Garden of Eden.

Find out what makes Positano unique

You will see sunbathers relishing a delicious slice of pizza on the beach, and fashionable Italian people checking out Positano's selection of chic boutiques. As a matter of fact, the fashion history of this setting is based in the 60's, being the first town to sell bikinis imported from France.
John Steinbeck, an American author, upon his visit in Positano, affirmed that this place seems unreal. Its specific features make it genuinely unique and incredibly unusual so that it makes you believe you're inside a dream that takes place near the Mediterranean. That's why you should taste the Italian life on this exclusive tour in Positano. Because, in spite of its ever-growing popularity, this place has managed, somehow, to retain its underlying features.

Embrace Italy in its sweetest form

You will have the chance to embrace pure Italy in its most delightful form. You will get enchanted by a beautiful sunset as the sun disappears through the blue water of the Mediterranean sea. As you catch a glimpse of Positano from a distance, you'll notice a dramatic mixture of colors – the bright colors of the typical Mediterranean houses, the silky silver beaches, and the endless blue of the sea. It seems like the ideal recipe for a perfect day! And it is – because you can't expect anything less from Positano and Southern Italy.
After your half-day tour in Positano, you will return onboard the transfer to Sorrento.

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