Walking Guided city tour around the Secrets of Milan in a small group

Walking Guided city tour around the Secrets of Milan in a small group

1 h
min 30
Walking Tours
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Group excursion, with guide, around the Hidden areas of Milan

See a side of Milan that most tourists don't and discover its hidden secrets on this out-of-the-ordinary excursion. This guided walking tour will take you off the beaten path to alluring and lesser-known Milanese landmarks, each with a mysterious or remarkable past and a compelling story to tell.

Walking Guided city experience around the Secret Milan highlights: 

  • Embark on a half-day journey to discover the hidden secrets of Milan
  • Tour numerous significant locations where even many Milanese have never been
  • Marvel at Donato Bramante's ingenius Renaissance architecture in Santa Maria presso San Satiro
  • Visit San Bernardino alle Ossa and the old Ca' Granda hospital
  • See the crypt of San Giovanni in Conca and learn what happened to this 'disappeared church'

Walking Guided city experience around the Secret Milan

Now, for something completely different! Become privy to the secrets of Milan on this exclusive, one-of-a-kind small group tour to visit the city's best-hidden treasures. Head off the beaten tourist path to locations where even some native Milanese have never been.

A group tour to discover the secret parts of Milan 

Milan is a fashion-forward city abound with historical intrigue. While hordes of tourists visit the amazing Duomo, La Scala, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and Sforza Castle, most people don't dig any deeper into the city or its history. However, there is so much more to this city's fascinating history than can be told by just its most popular sights. That's where this unparalleled eXPerience comes in.

Visit out-of-the-ordinary places in Milan

Do you get the impression that there's more to Milan than meets the eye? Do you want to leave Milan knowing that you've dug deeper into its little-known historical mysteries? Do you want to go above and beyond the average tourist and become privy to this city's best-kept secrets? Perhaps you just want to get away from the tourist crowds and do something refreshingly out of the ordinary? If you can answer a resounding 'yes' to any of these questions, then this is the perfect tour for you.
Follow your knowledgeable, professional guide on a walking tour through some of the city's lesser-known wonders. Without giving too many secrets away upfront, what we can tell you is that you'll encounter numerous churches and an old hospital, each with its own captivating story to tell. Visit the curious church of San Bernardino alle Ossa, learn the interesting history of Ca’ Granda hospital, tour the compelling crypt of San Giovanni in Conca, and explore the architectural wonder that is Santa Maria presso San Satiro.

Admire the Church os San Bernardino alle Ossa or Ca' Granda 

You're sure to come up with questions of your own during the course of this unique excursion, but here are some thought-provoking queries to get you started: Do you know the meaning behind the name "San Bernardino alle Ossa"? What's the story behind the gigantic Ca' Granda in central Milan? What brilliant solution did Renaissance architect Donato Bramante devise to deal with a lack of space in Santa Maria presso San Satiro? What happened to San Giovanni in Conca, the vanished church in Piazza Missori?

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