Private Tour of the Milans Cathedral with access to the Terraces

Private Tour of the Milan's Cathedral with access to the Terraces

1 h
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difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Skip the Line!

Private guided visit to Milan's Cathedral and Terraces

Skip the lines and gain exclusive access to the Milan Duomo, an imposing yet awe-inspiring Gothic cathedral. Immerse yourself in the expansive history of this Milanese icon. Stand atop its terraces to be rewarded with a gorgeous panorama of the city all around you.

Private Trip of the Milan's Cathedral with access to the Terraces highlights: 

  • Receive exclusive skip-the-line entry to the world-famous Milan Duomo
  • Marvel at Milan from above, taking in the stunning panoramic skyline from atop the Cathedral Terrace
  • Learn the Cathedral's secret history, including the Apostle that was skinned alive
  • Discover the history behind the Sundial Trail in the Duomo
  • Admire the panoramic view from the terraces of the Duomo

Private Trip of the Milan's Cathedral with access to the Terraces

Even though the Milan Duomo is a breathtaking architectural masterpiece, no one enjoys waiting in the inevitable long lines or spending too much time outside of it simply waiting to get in. Don't miss this opportunity to visit the enchanting Cathedral located in the city centre of Milan!

Visit the Milan Cathedral and get access to its terraces

Luckily for you, this private tour of Milan's Cathedral includes a knowledgeable and professional guide and exclusive skip-the-line tickets to the Duomo, allowing you to enter as soon as you've finished feasting your eyes on its gorgeous Gothic exterior. This private tour will take you to discover one of the main attractions in Milan: the magnificent Duomo and its terraces.

Admire the Milan Cathedral together with a professional guide

This incredible cathedral is the largest church in Milan and the fifth largest in the entire world. Exploring its premises is truly like stepping back through time, into a realm where the present is mixed with art, relics, and stories of bygone eras. With your efficient, privileged access, you can spend more time admiring the treasures inside this elegant church and less time waiting to enter.
Enter the Duomo and learn about its fascinating history, listening with awe as your expert guide divulges the secrets of this holy gargantuan. Discover the cathedral's unique Sundial Trail, learn about the Ritual of the Holy Nail, and hear the legends about the Apostle who was skinned alive. You can learn a lot of mundane facts about the Duomo from a textbook, but your guide will truly make this place come alive, recounting details and stories that cannot be easily procured by the average curious person.

Take the best from this exclusive private tour

After admiring the Milan Cathedral's reverent and resplendent interior, take the elevator up 300 feet to the terraces. Here, you will see the beautiful city of Milan in all its glory.
You'll get plenty of time to soak in this bird's eye view, which provides great photo opportunities. Marvel at the skyscrapers and the impressive skyline while your guide points out some of Milan's other landmarks from above.

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