Chianti Wine Tasting eXPerience in Florence at Sunset

Chianti Wine Tasting eXPerience in Florence at Sunset

2 h
Walking Tours
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Enjoy a tasting of the best Wine of the chianti region, in Florence at sunset.

Experience a wonderful Italian night with this walking tour in Florence. Enjoy a fine wine tasting while walking through a peaceful evening, visiting the most famous touristic spots in Florence for a total of two hours

Enjoy a Magic sunset and taste Chianti Wine in Florence highlights: 

  • Enjoy a glass of Chianti wine along with appetizers that will make the wine tasting even better
  • Enjoy a pleasant evening in good company while you admire the Florence local quarters, such as the craftsman district Oltrarno.
  • Benefit from a friendly local guide that will accompany you along the way, giving you a better knowledge of your surroundings
  • Visit the incredible Golden Bridge, Ponte Vecchio and admire it in the light of the sunset
  • Admire the exterior of the Cathedral and Palazzo Vecchio with a second wine tasting when you reach San Giovanni Square and Signoria Square

Enjoy a Magic sunset and taste Chianti Wine in Florence

Step out of your stressful daily routine and relax for one evening under the Florence sky. Meet with your guide at sunset time, and feel the relaxing breeze while you enjoy a cup of wine with the company of your group.

Relax for Two Hours in the Sunset

Enjoy a quiet evening with the best company one can get. Pass through Oltrarno, then reach the famous Ponte Vecchio, and admire the arched bridge with intricate closed spandrel segments, watching over as the water falls quietly underneath it.
Feel the breeze brought on by the river as you pass over to the political heart of Florence, as well as the religious one. Step back in time to enjoy the genuine Italian romance while reaching San Giovanni Square and the Piazza della Signoria, where you will be able to admire the Cathedral and Palazzo Vecchio.

Admire the Gorgeous Historical Sites with the Aid of a Tour Guide

Pay a closer look at the lanes of Oltrarno district, known for its Florentine craftsmen and the breathtaking Renaissance architecture. Feel romantic over the Ponte Vecchio Bridge before crossing over to the squares, where the tour guide can provide information in languages such as English, Spanish, French, German and Italian so that you will not lose any of the details because of the language barrier.
Admire the gorgeous and refined details of the majestic Cathedral as you walk and find out the history behind the greatest symbol of civil power In Florence, which is the Palazzo Vecchio.

Enjoy a Wine Tasting in the Twilight

Wine tasting is representative of the Italian lifestyle, so have a taste of refined Chianti wine. The walking tour in Florence provides you with 5 glasses of Chianti wine and bruschettas and also offers a bag and cup for the wine.
Taste the Chianti wine and bruschettas in a local wine shop in Oltrarno before moving onto your second wine tasting in front of the Palazzo Vecchio. Take the best out of a Florentine evening and enjoy this walking tour!

Other eXPeriences in Florence

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